With the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft ‘s lawsuit against ISP iiNet claiming copyright breaches slowly and expensively winding its way through the courts, the Internet Industry Association (IIA) is nothing if not hopeful in its latest initiative.

The IIA wants to increase the amount of legal downloadable content available on the Internet via what CEO Peter Coroneos describes as “new business models to drive Australia’s digital economy.”

He says: “We want to overcome the apparent impasse that is obstructing access to lawful, compelling digital content and holding back Australia’s digital economy.”

On Wednesday, the IIA will sponsor Synergy2, a business development roundtable at the ABC Studios with leading ISPs and content owners in Sydney.

Chaired by Tom Kennedy of Omnilab Media and the Playroom (and former chairman of Creative Content Industries Taskforce), the workshop brings together ISPs and content providers, including iiNet, Kazaa, the ABC, Warner Music, Fairfax Digital, News Digital Media, Sony Music, EMI, Telstra, AAPT and more. There’s no mention of FACT attending.

Coroneos says internationally new models are emerging for testing or adoption, including movie studio Warner Bros shrinking the release windows between DVD and online versions of its movies and development of the streaming video site Hulu.


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