Ahead of its launch of the world’s first 5G PC – the Lenovo Yoga 5G – Lenovo has formed strategic partnerships with a number of major 5G service providers, including Verizon, EE, Sunrise, and CMCC.

The coming Lenovo Yoga 5G will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G processor to deliver high-speed 5G network connectivity, which promises to be up to 10 times faster than 4G. It also enables always-on connectivity and computing.

“With our strategic partnerships with global 5G network carriers, consumers will now be able to access easier, faster and more secure connectivity seamlessly from virtually anywhere,” said Johnson Jia, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Business Segment in Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group.

“As 5G computing holds the power to transform user experiences, we believe it can ultimately disrupt the PC industry for the better.”

Lenovo Yoga 5G as a tablet Lenovo Partners With 5G Service Providers Ahead of First 5G PC Launch

Lenovo Yoga 5G

The Lenovo Yoga 5G laptop is actually a two-in-one device, mean it can be flipped into a tablet mode. Lenovo’s design time had to shrink 5G antennas to into its slim chassis, creating the industry’s smallest 5G module to date.

Local pricing and release date of the Lenovo Yoga 5G laptop and 5G data plans are yet to be confirmed.