LG Bends The Rules To Deliver New TV Technology


The battle lines are down in the TV market, with brands like LG Electronics pushing down display barriers with the introduction of new 4K, Laser TV and OLED TVs this year.

In June, LG unveiled its new 100″ Laser TV and prior to that a curved OLED TV, which recently won a Red Dot Award. LG has also launched a new range of Full HD LED TVs that feature new Smart TV capabilities. 

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of display panels, LG is a leader in developing OLED TV technology with its new curved OLED TV, which is set to go on sale in Australia shortly and is testimony to the high standards that LG is capable of delivering, where great design has been literally wrapped around a new generation of technology. 

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The flexible structure of an OLED display panel has opened new design opportunities for TV manufacturers, with LG also close to delivering a flexible OLED smartphone with a high-quality display screen. The Red Dot Judges said of this TV: “Its innovative lines give this OLED TV lightness. It exhibits a convincing minimalism. The shape of the base is ingenious in its design, as the distinctive colour on the inside makes it look very modern. The curved OLED TV easily fits into any interior and conveys timeless elegance.” 

The 55″ LG OLED Curved TV, which is set to go on sale in Australia in the last quarter of 2013, is a Full-HD panel that features a contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 and a fast response time (1,000 times faster than LCD, according to LG). The panel is only 4mm thick and weighs just 3.5 kg. 


Laser TV 

Recently, LG Electronics Australia launched its 100- inch laser TV with a retail sticker of $8,999. Key to this technology is a small box that projects a 100-inch high-definition video onto a screen located a mere 56 centimetres from the box. When you measure it out, this is an extremely short distance. 

One hundred inches – or for the more metric minded 254 centimetres – is a large-screen size. To be able to deliver a display of this size is a major technology achievement. 

For $8,999, you’ll get the 100-inch Laser Display, as well as an LG Blu-ray player and a twin-tuner PVR, and the anti-reflection screen that LG says even works in brightly-lit rooms, all installed in your home. 

The projector uses 36 laser diodes, rather than mercury- based lamps, to project the image. The lamp will last for up to 25,000 hours before they need replacing, which equates to five hours a day, for 13 years. 

LG 84″ Ultra HD 4K TV 

The first company to launch Ultra HD 4K TV technology in Australia was LG. Its new 84″ Ultra High Definition TV is a real head-turner. 

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Unlike most things in the electronics industry, when it comes to TVs, bigger is better. 

And they certainly don’t come much bigger than the LG. 

The ULTRA HD LM9600, at 84″ – and with 4K Ultra HD content capability is among the best TV’s available today.

With an Ultra-HD 4K pixel count of 3,840 x 2,160 this 102x190x4cm TV has a slim bezel, which lets the screen get close to the edge of the TV and helps give the impression of an overwhelmingly immersive picture. Input options include four HDMI plus composite components, as well as USB. When you view original UHD content, the display is genuinely stunning. It’s just begging to show off 4K content, even when using the LG upscaler that takes 1080p content and delivers it as 4K, the image is still smooth with motion, rich colours and pin-sharp detail. 

With standard HD material, the sheer size still impresses and it does not drop the ball in terms of backlighting deficiencies or picture noise. 

The “2.2” speaker system delivers powerful sound for a TV – from several small speakers built in along the bottom edge. These are supported by subwoofers built into the back of the TV. 

Overall, LG TV’s are packed with a new generation of features.

Cinema Screen 

LG’s flawless frameless effect makes the TV almost look as though it is floating in space and the Cinema Screen design delivers a beautiful picture without clutter. 

The new LED TVs are almost frameless, with an ultra-narrow frame, made possible through LG’s manufacturing advancements. 

Then there’s a Narrow Bezel slim frame that reduces visual obstruction for improved TV viewing.
Magic Swivel
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With an easy flick of the wrist, you can turn your TV around and face it where you want the screen to project, as the TV stand has been designed with built-in rollers that deliver a smooth swivel.
Pop-Up Camera

With a simply executed wave of your hand, you can command the TV to do amazing things such as open the Skype application, part of LG’s Smart TV offering. 

The camera can be hidden from view when not in use.

Image Engines
A built-in LED Plus function delivers bright pictures and deep, realistic colours. LED Plus is an improvement in regular
LED backlight technology that improves colour and image contrast through specific control of the LED lighting. 

The IPS Panels also allow you to enjoy lifelike picture quality with minimal variation from wide viewing angles. There’s less change in colour temperature and contrast, offering excellent image reproduction. A new Triple XD Engine delivers a new level of colour,
contrast and image clarity. TruMotion is another LG TV feature which determines clarity of fast-moving images. The higher the TruMotion the smoother and more fluid fast-moving images will appear. 

The 600Hz TVs deliver 600 images per second and the Plasma TV delivers very clear, smooth images, especially during fast motion. This feature is activated in “energy save” mode.
LG’s new range of TVs deliver a new level of audio. They have been engineered with the latest in LG sound technology and virtual surround sound. Audio has been enhanced by Smart Sound Mode, which automatically selects the optimal
sound mode for the content you are watching, whether it be movies, sport or games. 

The 2.1 sound system has an
added woofer, which works with the speakers to deliver rich enveloping sound not usually found in flat panel TVs. Clear Voice II is another bonus, which automatically recognises and enhances the volume of human voices in movies and shows to make them clear, compared to TVs without this feature. 

And for those who wish to wirelessly connect to an LG Home Theatre system, connect LG speaker systems wirelessly to the TV to attain enveloping sound.
LG Cinema 3D
One of the leading 3D TV suppliers, LG has also introduced new 3D glasses for the whole 3D experience.
Smart Remotes
LG recently introduced a new Magic Remote. All you need to do point and click at the TV, or use the wheel to scroll up and
down, zoom in and out and scroll through channels. 

You can also speak to the TV instead of typing and draw to change channels and access your favourites menu. In conductor mode, you can take control of the TV with a wave of your hand.
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