LG is giving $400 cash back with its new fridges

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‘LG fill your fridge’ promo is offering customers up to $400 cash back when they purchase their pricey LG refrigerators, starting at $4,599 for its Premium 907 ltr French Door Fridge – the largest volume full French door fridge in Oz.

The promo coincides with the launch of LG’s new Door-in-Door models in Australia.

The other models in the double door range include Counter Depth French Door (GR-D730SL) RRP $4,299 and Side by Side French Door (GC-D247SL) RRP $3,299, both also come with $400 cash back.

The new full door-in-door technology is an Australian first, “revolutionises food organisation” and saves money says LG.

Australian households waste between $500 and $1,000 on average a year as a result of cluttered, disorganised fridges.

The advantages of the Door-in-Door system is the most used items can be stored in the front door, while larger, less used items can be placed in the second fridge at the back, so more efficient food storage and consumption.

Consumers who purchase one of the LG models (there’s 16 in all) from participating retailers from 12th September – 4th January 2013 are eligible. 


Once customers have purchased, they can register online, complete the online claim form and provide a copy of their purchase receipt.

Once validated, customers will receive an Eftpos gift card to the value of the bonus.

 Go here for more LG.com.au/fridgepromo

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