LG Premiere Game-changing New TV Range For 2022


LG Electronics now believe that they now have the high ground in the Australian premium TV market with their OLED display quality seen as the “Ultimate TV viewing experience”.

Tony Brown Head of Home Entertainment Marketing was keen to point out today at the launch of their 2022 range that they are now on the 10th generation of OLED panels.

On several occasions LG Electronics management, have pointed out to ChannelNews that Samsung who in the past have pushed their QLED and NeoQLD are now moving to buy LG OLED panels for their premium models.

At today’s event LG Electronics also revealed pricing and a new range with top end models costing up to $59,000 dollars.

LG were also showing off their $130,000 rollable TV.

Samsung is hoping that they can launch a white(W)-OLED within the year however the future of this premium TV product is in the hands of LG Display who manufacture the panels for the bulk of OLED TVs in the world including Sony and Loewe TVs.

The pair had been negotiation has been going on for months, but they have yet to agree on a unit price for Samsung W-OLED panels that both can agree on, they said.

If Samsung get access to the LG made OLED panels they will be able to launch an OLED TV that uses LG Display within the year, just in time for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Among this year’s range is the C2 OLED TV, a really cool LG ART90 Lifestyle TV, the world’s largest LG OLED TV, and new 8K QNED Mini LED range with LG primarily focused on the 4K TV market where their mid-range premium TVs are positioned.

One standout model is a 42″ OLED model that will be ideal for gamers according to Brown. Users on their premium TVs will be able to get access to over 100 games via the NVIDIA gaming subscription package that costs around $19 a month.

LG 42 inch gaming TV  360x221 LG Premiere Game changing New TV Range For 2022

LG claim they are the first TV manufacturer to feature NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility which the Company claims allows users to play games without tearing, stuttering or input lag for an immersive and realistic experience.

The new Game Optimiser technology and Game Dashboard is a central location for users to access and adjust gaming features, including VRR, ALLM and eARC, which enables fast moving content at high resolutions and smooth synchronised audio and graphics.

The new Dark Room Mode can also be accessed via Game Optimiser, where users can adjust screen brightness for gaming with the lights off.

New in 2022 are cloud gaming features across the whole 2022 LG TV range, offering support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Gamers can enjoy more than 80 free-to-play games, for a monthly subscription of $19.99, with a compatible controller (sold separately).

Users also get Dolby Vision Gaming which is available on the XBOX Series X which delivers 4K in 120 Hz.

LG’s cheapest TV in Australia will set you back $1,079 while their OLED Z2 model will sting you $59,999. This model is 30% brighter than last year’s premium OLED TV.

LG is also offering two new Meridian powered sound bars with the top end sound set to be priced at around $1,900.

The new C-class model is the C2 (replacing C1), and the G-class is G2 (replacing G1).

On top of these two categories is the, the 8K Z series and a new range of QNED TVs, which combine Mini LED-based backlights with a NanoCell layer which LG claims delivers improved balance of contrast, colours, and cost.

This could also be the last year that we see NanoCell TVs from LG who are now investing in Mini LED TV technology.

The new top end LG model has an 8K engineered version of the South Korean Companies Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor that delivers a multitude of improvements. New Brightness Booster Max technology, powered by the Alpha 9 AI Processor (α9Gen5), can produce images with more luminance for incredible peak brightness, as well as improved heat dissipation, also built in is an advanced algorithm.3

Two models are available including a 77-inch and 88-inch model.

LG Art TV 360x240 LG Premiere Game changing New TV Range For 2022

An impressive new addition to the LG range this year is the $17,900 LG Art 90 TV.

Apart from a unique form factor which includes a fabric cover this TV is screaming out to be available with a top end LG OLED panel.

Created by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat the cover is available in Kvadrat Beige which LG claims blends seamlessly in most homes.

Using the LG Magic Remote, users can raise or lower the fabric to partially cover the display to only see a curated selection of lifestyle functions. Or by lowering the cover completely, users can experience a full and immersive viewing experience on the 65-inch LG OLED evo screen, enhanced by the 80W, 4.2-channel sound system.

LG is also delivering an upgraded LG webOS and LG Magic Remote.

LG management claim that their QNED Mini LED range combines some of the best LED/LCD TV technologies on the market – Quantum Dot and NanoCell.

This year there are four new QNED Mini LED models in the LG Australia range, in both 4K and 8K versions.

They range in size from 86- to 65-inches.

There is also the LG 4K NanoCell and 4K UHD entry-level TVs, these range in size from 43″ to 86-inches.

Pricing is as follows.

LG OZ Pricing 360x547 LG Premiere Game changing New TV Range For 2022

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