LG gives L’s a makeover – giving them superphone specs for cheap.

Aspiring phone brand LG is giving its Optimus L brand, aimed at the youth market, a facelift, giving its mid range phones some top end specs found on the Optimus G ‘superphone’  – including better screen, QuickMemo, Quick Button ‘hotkey’, and Android Jelly Bean.  
LG is clearly taking a leaf out of Samsung’s ‘phones for all pockets’ strategy. The Ls –  L2,  L3I, L5,  L7I and L9 – start at $99-$249 and will now be sold through a slew of telcos and retailers. 

Brighter IPS display, better battery life, Rainbow LED home notification light and Quick Translator, similar to that found on new S4s, are also found on new Optimus Ls
The cheapest $99 3.2-inch (QVGA IPS display) L3 is on sale via Telstra ( includes $10 credit), whilst the top-end 4.3 inch L7 will hit Optus in June and a dual Sim L7 will be widely available in July. 
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The 4-inch Optimus L5 (WVGA display) has a 1,700mAh battery and will be available from Boost Mobile. 
The 4.3-inch Optimus L7 is the largest with the best specs of the lot – a 1GHz dual-core, rear 8.0MP camera, front VGA, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It will be available in single SIM and dual SIM variants, with an RRP of $249.
Optimus L2 and L9 will be released later this year (Q3 and Q4).   

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The original Optimus L Series proved “extraordinarily popular, selling more than 10 million phones in the first 10 months of release,” says LG, which now claims third place in the Android market in Oz, and number two position in the prepaid smartphone market, behind Samsung. 

“Australia is the only market globally where LG released all five original models in the range and the results have been outstanding for the local business as it sets a firm base of consumer support ahead of more expansive moves into other market segments in 2013,” commented Jonathan Banks, Head of Mobiles, Australia. 

“LG is confident the momentum will continue with the refreshed line-up of devices, the L SeriesII – and the response from our local operator and retail partners has been very encouraging ahead of the new, upgraded device launches,” he added.  
Pricing and availability
Optimus L3 II Telstra RRP $99 Prepaid. Available  Now
Optmus L5 II Boost Mobile RRP $179 Prepaid. July
Optimus L7 II Optus RRP $229 Prepaid. June
Optimus L7 II Dual SIM Open Market RRP $249 Unlocked. July 
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