LG is set to turn churn up the Australian TV market with the launch of a 42″ HD LCD TV that will be less than $2,800.

The introduction of the screen will co-incide with the 2006 World Cup. LG is sponsoring the TV coverage of the event in Australia. The launch of the LCD TV product does not mean that LG is ignoring the Plasma market. currently LG is investing in a new plasma display panel (PDP) factory in Korea. They have also launched in Europe a 42- inch plasma TV with built-in digital video recorder (DVR). With this “revolutionary” function, viewers have the ability to pause, rewind and replay live TV, skip commercials or other sections of programs, watch shows without missing a scene and watch them at anytime claims LG officals.

The DVR is integrated in the plasma TV. The TV incorporates a hard disc drive and has the capability of storing up to 40 hours of digital standard-definition programming. It also has continuous automatic recording in one-hour intervals, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. This facility enables viewers to watch scenes from a movie or football goals over and over again.

Its other features: “XD” engine turns analogue TV systems to a digital level producing brighter colors, better contrast and sharp photos; clear filter eliminates the common double image reflection that prevalently arises in TVs with the glass filter, which controls the reflection of light and makes true images possible. With its high definition multimedia interface, users need to have just one cable for all functions instead of many wires for each function.

The South Korean electronic giant is also going into full operation of its fourth PDP A3 line beginning in September. This allows the company to solidify its market leadership in PDP modules and secure a powerful driving engine in taking world’s top spot in PDP modules and plasma TVs in 2006.

The PDP line enables the company to boost its confidence in the PDP market and direct company wide core capabilities. The A3 line is now into its first step operation after a 660 billion won investment made last May. It initially employs world’s first technology of taking six panels out of a single glass and can be expanded to respond flexibly to surging demands in the future.

The A3 line in its first step is optimized for employing the technology of taking eight panels out of a single glass. “Currently, it has a monthly production capacity of 120,000 PDPs and will be able to manufacture 160,000 PDPs a month using the recently developed technology of slicing eight panels out of a single glass,” J.H. Lee, deputy general manager for TV sales and marketing for the Middle East & Africa, told journalists during their visit to the Gumi PDP factory.

LG has a combined monthly production capacity of 350,000 PDPs, claimed to be the world’s largest, from its A1, A2 and A3 lines and will further bolster its market leadership.

“Amid the harsh competition of devices and companies, it’s imperative to secure cost competitiveness,” LG’s Executive Vice President Yoon Kwang-Ho said.

LG’s lifestyle approach and consumeroriented strategy in its overall digital display business were highlighted in a presentation given by Julee Lee, manager of LG’s marketing strategy and overseas sales and marketing support department. “The company has redefined the TV viewing experience by launching the world’s first plasma TV equipped with a built-in DVR, which accounted for half of LG’s overall plasma TV sales last year,” she added.

LG’s mixed first-quarter results suggest that consumers seem more interested in expensive TV sets than expensive cell phones.

“LG’s TV sales have defied the downturn that normally occurs at the start of the year, thanks to the increasing popularity of its flat-panel TVs. The company’s revenue from such TV sets rose 13 percent from the fourth quarter,” she told journalists whose visit was organized closely on the heels of an agreement reached on a $30 million joint venture to build an air conditioner factory between LG and H.G. Ibrahim Shaker in Riyadh. The construction of the plant with an annual capacity of 250,000 units is expected to begin during the second quarter of this year. The plant is LG’s ninth project overseas.

LG has set its primary goal to become one of the top three global consumer electronics and telecommunications leaders by 2010.

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