The LG KU970 Shine mobile phone has been madeover with a plush new titanium look. The new Titanium Shine TU720 is available now for $829.

Finished in titanium stainless steel, the Titanium Shine features all the compatibility of the former black Shine but should appeal to consumers who like to be different, according to LG.

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The new model is compatible with Telstra’s Next G network, allowing faster entertainment and communication than its little brother.

“Titanium Shine encapsulates LG’s commitment to consumer demand for technologically sophisticated mobile communication devices that are also meritorious, fashion conscious and attractive,” said LG marketing manager – mobile communication, Carli Wilson.

“The titanium colour stainless steel finish is universally appealing, while the wide variety of functions is sure to please even the most discriminating critics, from the style conscious to the tech savvy.”

Titanium Shine is a member of the LG’s Black Label Series, and boasts 7.2Mbps HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access), giving almost instant access to unlimited data, music and entertainment.

“This handset takes the LG Shine to the next level and offers Australian’s a stylish and sexy phone that offers access to content, video calls, music and movie downloads, email, photo messaging, television and videoconferencing as well as phone calls and voicemail that Next G offers,” said Wilson.

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