LG Electronics is the first cab off the rank to launch their 2024 TV range with the South Korean brand slashing prices for certain models by up to 25% from last year’s launch prices.

The only problem was that last year both Samsung and LG launched their TV’s and within weeks moved to discount out their 2023 ranges with questions being asked as to whether this will happen again in 2024.

Samsung is set to follow next week with the launch of a 2024 range of TV models including OLED models.

What was new at CES 2024 is now being rolled out at retailers in Australia.

The South Korean Company used the Allianz Stadium in Sydney to launch their “Big Entertainment” range that includes new TV’s, Web OS upgrade and new OLED models that will see them go head-to-head with Samsung in the OLED market.

The new LG 2024 range includes 35 new OLED models with a powerful AI processor & brighter screen.

According to LG management they are also introducing more accessible pricing for big-screen OLED and QNED TVs including their B4 55/65-inch models and QNED86 65-inch models.

Tony Brown, Head of Home Entertainment at LG Electronics said that this year’s offerings include bigger screen models, such as the new 98-inch QNED and 97-inch OLED M which have new AI capabilities that LG claims delivers an immersive new viewing experience, also available come in a new form factor.

Also in the range is the much talked about StanbyME Go portable screen in a suitcase TV.

Th new LG TV lineup also includes access to all the popular subscription, free-to-air, and catch-up TV content, as well as LG Channels, which now offers 80 free channels.

LG QNED range

Combining technology and scale, LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies, the LG QNED range will be available in a range of sizes, including a mega 98-inch model.

“To upgrade consumers from standard LED TVs, our QNED is a step up in terms of colour performance, with the Quantum Dot technology and nano cell technology we put into it which boosts the colours and refines the colours as accurately as possible,” said Brown.

LIFESTYLE 2024 QNED91 75 02 S70TY scaled LG Slashes Prices For 2024 TV Launch

The 2024 QNED range is equipped with the new Alpha (α) 8 AI Processor, 2024 LG QNED TVs also provide drastic improvements in graphic performance and processing speeds in comparison to its predecessors.

They can automatically optimise audio and picture quality deliver crisp and vivid picture quality, and with enhanced colour reproduction heighten visual depth.

Visuals across the 2024 LG QNED range are enhanced by AI Picture Pro, which enriches texture and fine details, and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro which provides three-dimensional picture quality.

Visuals for the QNED91 MiniLED model have been perfected by the Million Grey Scale, which differentiates between shades of grey and represents gradation with a 20-bit accuracy.

LG Lifestyle Screen range

The main attraction in the LG Lifestyle Screen range was the LG OLED M4 TV which sends video and audio signals wirelessly to the cinematic screen while connecting the TV with commonly used HDMI devices through multiple ports built into the separate Zero Connect box.

“The M4 is the world’s first OLED TV capable of wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz. Here we have taken the processor and memory and motherboard out of the television and into the Zero Connect box,” explained Brown, pointing out that its One Wall Design blends well with interior decor, allowing the TV to sit flush against the wall for a streamlined look.

LG M4 Lifestyle 02 LG Slashes Prices For 2024 TV Launch

“Our OLED models provide a precise level of control. When lit, viewers will see the brightness and colour that individual cell is instructed to display, and when the pixel isn’t lit, the cell is a pure, inky black. The colours and contrast really pop more than LCD TVs,” said Brown.

A new model to the Lifestyle Screen lineup is the StanbyME Go, equipped with a built-in battery, screen protection and speakers, and housed in a sturdy carrycase designed to withstand a variety of environmental factors,

LG StanbyME Go 05 LG Slashes Prices For 2024 TV Launch

Improved access to content with LG webOS 24 and 80 channels

The new LG webOS 24 system allows users to create up to 10 individual profiles and categorise apps and services as preferred.

The system also offers voice-recognition capabilities on the latest LG smart TV.

Demonstrating LG’s commitment to becoming a media and entertainment business, it will be the first operating system from the company to be applied to LG TVs models from 2022.

It will also see future webOS upgrades applied to LG Smart TV models for up to five years, thanks to a host of new functions, efficiencies, and upgrades.

LG Channels now includes streamlined organisation and convenient search functions and provides access to over 80 free channels.

Pricing and availability details of the full 2024 range:

Screenshot 2024 03 13 165437 LG Slashes Prices For 2024 TV Launch


The B4 55/65-inch models and QNED86 65-inch model will be offered at 20% and 25% less than 2023 the launch prices.

To celebrate the launch of the 2024 TV and sound bar range, purchases of eligible 2024 LG OLED and QNED TVs between March 14 and April 3 from participating retailers, will receive a bonus gift card.




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