Let’s face it. Every washing machine brand will tell you their models are better than the rest. LG is no exception.

The Korean consumer electronics brand is pitching at the
fashionista within us all to market its most recent trio of top load washers.


But when it’s all said and done, the market reality is all
major washing machine brands build good models at matching price points.


Consumers really are confronted by a moveable feast of makes
and models, making a final choice a bit of a chore.


So if our premise is correct, how then does the consumer
navigate through the inevitable hype that comes with each new model release?


As far as we can tell, the difference in washing machines
comes down to a difference in features. The devil is still in the detail when
it comes to the wonderful world of washing machines.


Trust us when we say you should expect different features
from different brands. After all, that’s how each creates a point of difference
from all other rivals.


Having said that, it’s also fair to say LG’s SmartWasher
range will make anyone who hasn’t bought a washing machine for a decade or more,
mighty happy.


As LG’s trio of top-loaders called the WTG9532VH, WTG8532WH
and WTG7532W amply show, the latest washing machines do much more than the
washers of yesteryear.


Point is, it isn’t just technology for technology’s sake.
Clothes cycled by these washers will come out cleaner and fresher than they did
with your old machine.

The technology guarantees it.


Features that make for much cleaner clothes and a more
enjoyable chore are 6 Motion Control, On -Board Heating, Full Stainless Tub,
Auto Lint Clean System, Smart Diagnosis, Soft Closing Lid and Touch LED


It’s worth exploring two to see what makes these machines so


Imagine a washing machine that mimics hand washing. That’s
what 6 Motion Control promises. By simply choosing a cycle, the machine picks
the best combination of six hand washing motions for a cleaner wash.


In use, the machine’s stainless steel directly driven drum
uses unique motions of the drum that are based on hand washing movements.


This neatly ties in with LG’s marketing concept of consumers
as fashionistas who ”treasure their frocks and fabrics in general.”


I’m not sure how my wife was to react if I said I owned a
couple of eye-arresting frocks. It would make for an interesting chat over


I don’t-own any frocks. But I do care about fabrics because
I double as the washerwoman in our house.


To be fair to LG, the marketing spin is pitched at women and
what’s more, written for a woman. Grounds you’d think, for a phone call to the
equal opportunity board.


“Hello, I’m a house husband and I demand LG’s washing
machine advertising be more inclusive than it is. ”


Good luck with that.

Still, if I were in the market for a new washing machine, the six motions
direct drive feature could seal the deal. Especially given the sexy way LG has
of describing the sic motions.


Waveforce, Compressing, Swing, Rotating, Rubbing and
Agitating, I find irresistible. And so may you if like me, you’re male, do all
the laundry and appreciate marketing compiled with a bit of thought and effort.


 I also like the Smart
Diagnosis feature. And it is a giant step forward for those of us who have
tried to call a service centre when our washing machine has gone pear shaped.


The machine doesn’t
actually talk. If it did, I’d buy two tomorrow, such is my love of gadgetry.
 What actually happens is the machine alerts
you instantly the onboard diagnostic computer senses a glitch.


You can then use the LG free app or
call the LG Customer Information Centre which will decode the machine’ alert
and decide if it’s a problem you can or cannot fix. Nifty.


The three new top loaders vary in finish and capacity but
each has the above two features.


The $1499  WTG9532VH
has a 9.5kg capacity and a stainless steel finish. A lid glass panel is handy
way to keep an eye on the washing. On board heating, auto lint clean system, 6
motion cycles, smart diagnosis and full stainless steel tub are part of the
package of features.


The $1399  WTG8532WH
has all of the features of the stainless steel model but has an 8.5kg capacity
and a white finish.


The $1149 WTG7532W has all but four of the features built
into the other two washers and it has a 7.5KG capacity and is finished in


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