German electronics company Loewe has released a new 77” OLED TV, the Bild 7 which has been praised by reviewers following its launch at IFA.

This new Bild 7 will be up against the $30,000 Panasonic OLED TV and more expensive large screen TV offerings from LG and Samsung.

The TV is the largest screen in the Bild 7 range and consists of nearly two metres of screen.

Trusted Reviews said of the new TV “For starters, there’s a lovely metallic crispness to everything, from the distinctive circular Loewe ‘eye’ LED and IR receiver below the screen, right through to the impressively robust rear panel”.

They added “It’s seriously well built. Even though the majority of the screen is insanely thin in that way only OLED technology can manage, I never felt scared of snapping it – which is the worry I’ve had with a number of other super-thin OLED TVs”.

loewebild7 1l Loewe Debuts New 77 Bild 7 TV

The stylish top end Bild 7 premium TV features graphite grey aluminium on the front, and dark or light grey fabric covers on the back to which hides away all those messy cables.

The Ultra HD OLED screen measures just 9mm on the ruler, and can handle HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG content. Basically, it will play anything you can throw at it said Trusted Reviews.

Loewe’s own picture processing technology works behind the scenes to ensure that what you’re viewing is presented in the best possible way.

Also built in is a soundbar that pumps out 120 Watts of audio from underneath the screen when you turn the TV on.

loewebild7oled 1l Loewe Debuts New 77 Bild 7 TV

For those who want to ramp up the sound, the Bild 7.77 has a built-in 5.1 surround-sound decoder, so you can directly connect it to speakers without the need for a bulky AV receiver.

With a TV that looks as good as the Bild 7.77, you’ll want to be able to see it no matter where you put it in the room, or if you get up and move around. To resolve this, Loewe has built in a motorised table or floor stand, which lets you move it to any position using the remote control.

Alternatively, you can get the wall mount and hang it up like the work of art it is.

Connections include four HDMI, three USB and Bluetooth for streaming audio to the TV, or back out to Bluetooth headphones. There’s also a built-in digital TV recorder with 1TB of storage space.

The new TV is set to retail for sub $25,000 in Australia despite it being German and European Made.

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