The new Loewe Mediacenter plays CDs and DVDs, receives radio, provides access to digital music files stored on a hard drive or network, and can control your iPod or iPhone.

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The Mediacenter is connected directly to the TV to display all music sources on an intuitive, clear interface. The cover art is displayed by means of automatic update via the Internet. Browsing through your own collection or searching for specific titles can be done using the remote. All audio sources can also be streamed to secondary rooms, where the Mediacenter can be conveniently operated by means of the Loewe Assist Media remote control.

It displays the music tracks, rooms and even the cover art of the selected CDs on the OLED display. The Mediacenter can be used with any TV which has an HDMI connection, and is therefore not only restricted to the Loewe system range. Compatible products from other suppliers can also be used in secondary rooms.

Versions that come with integrated hard disks – Loewe Reference Mediacenter and Individual Mediacenter DR+ – offer a particular added bonus. Here, all your songs can be saved centrally on two integrated hard disks totalling 320 GB. The Mediacenter takes seven to eight minutes to “rip” each individual CD, with users being able to alter track information as well as cover art.

As an alternative or additional option, music files can of course be copied from a PC onto the Mediacenter hard disk via the network. All data is backed up on the second integrated hard disk (160 GB) – so the loss of music files is virtually impossible.

The Mediacenter from Loewe is now available from your specialist dealer in three different versions. To accompany a home entertainment system in a class of its own, there is the Loewe Reference Mediacenter. The Loewe Individual Mediacenter DR+ offers the same functionality. Those who do not require the convenience of an integrated hard disk can turn to the Loewe Individual Mediacenter. Various set-up options facilitate perfect integration into the living environment. The stylish device is made to be hung on the wall like a work of art – the Mediacenter has a slim profile of just 74 mm, including the wall mount supplied. An elegant Table Stand or Floor Stand is available on request to allow free-standing positioning in the room.

Pricing in Australia is to be announced at a later date.

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