Bad computer posture may cause problems like neck and back pains and may even give you Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the future. If you use your notebook a lot, then perhaps it’s about time you invest in something that will improve your notebook comfort. Logitech’s Alto Cordless is s simple and clever product that is sure to give you that comfort you need.

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While the notebook is a gadget well-worth purchasing as it allows a user to surf the net, chat with friends, and even conduct business meetings almost anywhere, it still has the problem of forcing a user to slouch and twist their hands and wrists in an uncomfortable position.

And while there are a lot of notebook peripherals out there that promise to be ergonomic, Logitech is one of those companies that has succeeded in providing a simple product that works. The Alto Cordless is a notebook stand with a cordless keyboard that may just improve the way we use our notebooks.

The Alto Cordless set comes with a wireless Logitech keyboard and the main notebook stand. The keyboard has a wrist support and has a function (FN) button (replacing the right Windows button) for accessing the enhanced F keys (F1-F12) functions like opening Windows Search, E-Mail, Media controls, and even Internet control.


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The Connect button on the Alto Cordless
A connect button that is used for synchronising the keyboard, a Caps Lock indicator, and a Num Lock indicator can be found on the stand’s right side. Cleverly hidden at the back of the expansion base is a single USB cable that you have to plug into the notebook for the wireless keyboard to work. Finally, there are three additional USB ports and a power socket found at the back of the Alto. An AC adaptor is needed to power high-powered USB devices connected to the Alto. The adaptor is included in the kit. 

The Alto was fairly easy to set-up. All we had to do was to pull the support release button found on front of the stand, raise the notebook stand, and insert its support into the recess of the expansion base. A faint click will tell you the stand is secure and in place, and all one has to do now is to place their notebook against the notebook stand. Finally, all one has to do is to hook up the USB cable of the Alto to the notebook and press the connect button on the stand and the wireless keyboard for it to work.

We did not need any drivers when we hooked up the unit to the notebook, making it compatible with almost any notebook in the market today. The stand was able to raise our notebook properly and made the screen close to our eye level, improving our overall position. And while it was not perfect, the wireless keyboard is much more comfortable to use than typing on the notebook’s keyboard.


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While we have no qualms in terms of performance and functionality, we feel that Logitech should have added a wireless mouse, the VX Nano to be exact, to the package. This is because of the fact that without any mouse, we have found it difficult to use the trackpad without any sort of mishap. And with a mouse in the package, it will truly become one of those products that will totally stand out.


The Logitech Alto Cordless is a product that not only brings your notebook to eye level, the unit also comes with a wireless keyboard that will help reduce strain in your wrists. We are definitely recommending this product to those who use their notebooks often and want to avoid having aches and pains after using their notebooks for prolonged periods of time.

Package Contents

  • Logitech Alto Cordless
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Installation Guide
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • AC adaptor

System Requirements

  • PC notebook (up to 15.4-inch)
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • USB port

Logitech Alto Cordless | $199.95 |  | www.logitech.com

For: Simplicity; Ease of use; Provides comfortable viewing position and typing
Against: Wrist support is a fingerprint magnet; No wireless mouse
Verdict: A simple and clever product that does what it is supposed to do.

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