Apple sold something like 64,800 Macs in the quarter, up 52 percent on Q2 2007, Gartner figures show. But it wasn’t enough to see Apple topple Toshiba or Lenovo for fourth or fifth spot on the Australian sales charts. However insiders are tipping that this could change as the installed base for Macs increases.

Tosh and Lenovo finished the quarter with around 98,000 sales apiece to each take 8 percent of the market. (Lenovo edged ahead with almost 200 extra units sold over the quarter at 98,198).

This contrasts with the US position where Apple has overtaken both Acer and Toshiba to become No 3 seller.

In North America, Gartner estimates Apple now has 8.5 per cent of the market, behind HP (31.9pc) and Dell (25.3pc), and ahead of Acer (8.1pc) and Toshiba (5.5pc).

In Australia the Top Three positions were HP, 21 percent of the market (down 1pc); Dell 15pc, up 1pc; and Acer 13pc (up 2pc).

Gartner reckons a total of 1.152 million PCs were sold in the Australian market in Q2 2008, up 9pc on the 1.125 million sold in the same quarter of 2007.

To add further pain to vendors woes analysts claim that Apple is tipped to launch a redesigned iPod Touch and new thiner MacBooks in September.



According to InfoWorld The new MacBooks will be slimmer, might have exteriors made of aluminum instead of plastic and could also have a newly designed keyboards. Their source is Mike Olson, an analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co.

The design of the iPod Touch will be tweaked to resemble Apple’s new iPhone 3G, which was announced in June. iPhone 3G is just a hair thicker than its predecessor at 0.48 inch (12.3 millimeters), while the previous version was 0.46 inch.

At the same price, the storage capacity of the iPod Touch could increase, or the same capacity could be offered at a lower price, Olson said.

 Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster claimed in a recent report that Apple might announce increased capacity of iPods, including the Shuffle and Nano brands, but the products won’t be redesigned.He also claimed that he believe a smaller version of the 13-inch MacBook Air is likely in the 2009 timeframe,” Munster wrote.

Over the next few years Apple will also use technology developed for the iPhone in its laptops, including touchscreen-based multitouch technology, Munster wrote.

“Apple is clearly leveraging its technology portfolio from the iPhone to improve the Mac experience as well, and we believe Apple will continue to add multitouch gestures to its notebooks.”

The company will replace the trackpad multitouch technology on MacBooks with touchscreen multitouch technology in the next two to three years as the technology matures, Munster wrote.

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