STOCKHOLM -McDonald’s Sweden operation has turned its iconic red-and-yellow cardboard food boxes into virtual reality headsets. Maccas users only need to unfold the box, refold it, insert a smartphone and plonk the thing on their head to turn it into “Happy Goggles” which can play an immersive video game right before their eyes.The device, which diners can get with their burger and fries later this week, is based on the same design as Google’s Cardboard model and uses the smartphone as a screen.

“It’s not a joke,” said Jeff Jackett, marketing director of McDonald’s in Sweden. “We’re trying to be a modern and progressive burger company.”

Currently there are no plans to bring Happy Goggles to the US, let alone Australia, but McDonald’s corporate headquarters is interested in the concept, Jackett said.

The Happy Meal has come under fire in recent years for enticing children with junk food and toys. McDonald’s has since rejigged the Happy Meal menu to include more healthy options. 

And Jackett claims the new box-as-toy is educational.

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