The Playstation Portable (PSP) is arguably the best handheld gaming device we’ve seen yet, but if you want to game without your headphones on, the sound produced by the unit leaves a fair bit to be desired.

Enter the Gear4 SonicBoom, a high-performance 2.1 stereo speaker system designed for the PSP.

The SonicBoom works by simply docking the PSP unit. The system also charges the PSP while it is docked. The subwoofer will then fill the room with high-definition audio, Gear4 says.

A cable is also supplied so you can use the PSP in full gaming mode and play it remotely.

The SonicBoom retails for $169.95 and is also compatible with iPods, MP3 players, laptops and any other sound source with normal headphone outputs.

More information at www.gear4.com



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