Ski binding technology is being questioned after Ski rental shops across the USA have been forced to recall Marker bindings after skiers found the bindings failing while skiing.

Several ski shop owners in Vail Colorado have been forced to withdraw K2 ski’s with Marker bindings from their shelves after Marker announced a recall of the bindings used by rental shops. One ski shop refused to rent ski’s with Marker bindings citing that they are dangerous.

At Vail Sports where I had hired the K2 ski’s with Marker bindings a spokesperson said “Marker have withdrawn their bindings for a modification as skiers reported that the ski’s were unlocking during skiing. This will cost them a lot of money”. The modification includes the insertion of a pin and nut at the rear of the binding.

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During a skiing holiday to Vail I witnessed firsthand the danger that the failure of these bindings can place a skier in. During a downhill run down Vail’s steep back bowls the bindings unlocked throwing me forward.

Later the bindings failed to lock down resulting in me having to walk 2 miles to a lift. Attempts by 3 people to get the bindings to lock down so that one could ski failed. This is the first time in 16 years of owning Marker bindings that I have witnessed a failure. The worst part was getting 15 miles back to Vail Village carrying a pair of skis.

Marker claim that they design of the most recognised lines of ski gear in the market today.  Marker’s  heritage is firmly entrenched in the winter sports business, from the brand’s meager beginnings in 1952, when the first safety ski binding was introduced.  

If you have information on the failure of Marker bindings email me at dwr@4squaremedia.com

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