Australia’s number one plasma TV vendor has just upped the ante in the battle with LCD TV vendors by rolling out an impressive new range of plasma TVs which will be backed by a massive marketing campaign featuring Olympic track sprinter Matt Shirvington.

The battle lines have been drawn early in the battle for market share in the Australian TV market with Panasonic, the #1 plasma TV vendor rolling out a heavyweight marketing campaign for plasma using Australian sprint sensation Matt Shirvinton.

In an effort to take on the likes of LG, Samsung and Pioneer, Panasonic has releaseed a new VIERA lineup of 10th generation plasma and LCD TVs, all with High Definition (HD) panels. They also come with integrated (HD) digital TV tuners and from the demonstrations that SmartHouse has seen they also have impressive picture quality.

The combination of Panasonic’s ‘black-box technology which is incorporated in the panel, processor and driver – ensures good quality picture performance in every scene, with rich gradation, high resolution and true-to-life colour reproduction claim Panasonic.

Panasonic’s VIERA Link is also available across the range for the controlling of home theatre equipment with a single remote.

Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia, said: “VIERA Link has been enhanced in this generation, so you can use your VIERA remote control to operate a DVD Recorder, High Definition camcorder and other Panasonic equipment connected to your VIERA TV.”


In the plasma market Panasonic is going to be hard to beat on both price and performance. With research pointing towards plasma as the better quality flat panel TV technology Panasonic has released four new plasma TVs – including two 50-inch plasmas (a deluxe model with a silver control panel and pedestal, and a stylish black model) and two 42-inch plasmas, both in black. There are three new LCD models – two 32-inch TVs, one with deluxe black finish, the other in black with a silver trim and stand; and a 26-inch model in black with silver trim and stand. Paul Reid added: “Our new VIERA plasma models are going to be hard to beat especially when a consumer does a straight out comparison of our features vs LCD TV technology”.

All new VIERA TVs will offer High Definition panels and integrated HD digital tuners. Panasonic claims its research and development expertise has allowed it to develop in-house ‘black box’ technologies that enhance the performance of its VIERA range.

Processor, driver and panel technologies combine to provide an outstanding display, whether you’re watching dynamic movies on a big-screen Plasma or clear, vibrant images on your compact LCD TV.


Connectivity features

The 2007 VIERA range of plasma and LCD TVs are equipped with HDMI input, allowing users to connect other digital video and audio products with a single cable, for easy sound and image.VIERA Link harnesses HDMI capability and allows one to use a VIERA remote control to operate Panasonic equipment connected to your VIERA TV – such as a DVD Recorder, Home Theatre System and HD camcorder – reducing the need for multiple remotes and messy cabling.

For example, one can use a VIERA remote to control timer recording with a DVD Recorder or to play back scenes from a camcorder.  To operate a Panasonic DVD Recorder, all one has to do is press the VIERA Link button on the VIERA remote, select ‘Recorder’ from the VIERA Link menu screen, then choose playback or other functions.  Or, select ‘Video Camera’, to control play, stop, fast forward and other functions using the navigation controls and playback panel.

The PC input terminal allows all new VIERA TVs to be connected with a PC or laptop and serve as a monitor for surfing the internet and multimedia presentations.

Selected VIERA models also offer a Secure Digital High Capacity card slot for viewing still images. The card slot supports both SD Cards and the new large capacity 4GB SDHC cards that are now available.

Sound Quality

Panasonic’s deluxe plasma and LCD models – the TH-50PX700A and the TX-32LXD700A – feature an ‘Advanced Smart Sound Speaker System’ and ‘SRS TruSurround XT’ for a richer, more expansive sound.

The new speaker units developed for these models offer outstanding clarity, rich bass and superior sound localisation in the medium frequency range.  Panasonic has also developed speaker diaphragms made of eco-friendly bamboo fibres, achieving both a crisp, transparent treble sound and excellent environmental performance. 

‘SRS TruSurround XT’ is a sound-enhancing system that expands the acoustic field, making it possible for these two speaker systems to produce a virtual 5.1-channel surround effect that provides expansive surround sound across a wide listening range.[v][v]


Paul Reid explained: “Year after year, Panasonic has brought new picture-improving technologies to flat panels, and 2007 continues that trend.  Today, the sports and high-definition movies that are driving the demand for high-definition viewing, more than ever require blacker blacks, faster response time (no motion artefacts) and the billions of colours that Panasonic plasma screens deliver.”

The VIERA processor incorporates a 1080p digital processing chip-set, which applies optimum signal processing for 1080p video signals from devices such as Blu-ray players.  A 1080p digital re-mastering processor up-converts signals such as those from TV broadcasts and DVD players to provide beautifully clear images with sharper details and more life-like realism.

The VIERA processor’s ‘Digital Optimiser’ detects and removes the noise unique to digital video signals.  It analyses every scene and applies the level of noise reduction most suitable for each, helping to bring out the full image quality of high-definition sources.

Exceptionally deep blacks and up to 10,000:1 contrast ratio in darker images is achieved by two original Panasonic technologies, the Real Black Drive System and Deep Black Filter.  In addition, detailed and smooth reproduction of even the most finely textured, intricate images is made possible with 3,072 steps of gradation.  All image areas from dark to light retain the subtle nuances that were intended. 

The VIERA panel is designed for superb motion image display of fast-moving subjects and provides clear, super-sharp images when viewing action movies or watching sports. 

The TH-50PX700A also features a newly-developed anti-glare panel that reduces screen glare and reflective light that could occur in a bright environment.

Other features include Advanced 3D Colour Management, which enriches colour depth to make images more expressive and appealing to the human eye. The Sub-Pixel Controller eliminates jagged or blurred diagonal lines for smoother edges and contours.  This advanced system processes red, green and blue colours separately for crisper, more natural-looking images.

With IPS Alpha technology, liquid crystal molecules rotate parallel to the screen, so there is less difference in contrast regardless of the angle from which the screen is being viewed.  Since the molecules remain parallel to the screen and do not change position vertically, the benefit of this technology is a wider viewing angle from any position with negligible colour washout.  The TX-32LXD700A also offers 100Hz Motion Picture Pro for smoother, faster motion in fast-moving scenes.

Intelligent Screen Controller adjusts the backlight brightness and contrast according to the scene.  This means that bright scenes are sharper and easier to see, while dark scenes have deeper, crisper blacks.

Panasonic has also introduced ‘Clear Picture’ technology, which enhances images frame by frame for vivid colours and remarkable depth.  For example, red and blue tones – which are particularly noticeable to the human eye – are clear and vibrant. In addition, the Sub-Pixel Controller sharpens images by correcting the contours of each dot. 

10th generation HD Plasma panel
1080p digital processing chipset and digital re-mastering processor
Digital Optimiser
Real Black Drive System and Deep Black Filter
Fine gradation for smooth, expressive images
Advanced 3D colour management for enriched colour depth
Sub-pixel controller to reduce diagonal lines for realistic images
Anti-glare panel (TH-50PX700A
IPS Alpha Panel for vivid colours from a wide viewing angle
Intelligent Scene Controller for adjusting backlight brightness and contrast according to the scene
Clear Picture and Sub-Pixel Controller technology
100Hz Motion Picture Pro for smoother motion (TX-32LXD700A)
3D Colour Management
1080p digital processing chipset and digital re-mastering processor (TX-32LXD700A)

The range includes:

Plasma TV                              Colour                                     RRP/Availability

TH-50PX700A                         Black, silver pedestal              TBA/July
TH-50PX70A                           Black                                       $3849rrp/Now
TH-42PX70A                           Black                                       $2749rrp/Now
TH-42PX7A                             Black                                       TBA/Q3 2007


TX-32LXD700A                       Black                                       TBA/July
TX-32LXD70A                         Black, silver pedestal              TBA/July

TX-26LXD70A                         Black, silver pedestal              TBA/July


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