Bang & Olufsen are about to enter the media centre market with the release of the new BeoMedia 1, a media server designed to be controlled via the television.

The new product is based on the Windows platform, and uses B&O’s own front end instead of Windows XP Media Center Edition. Bang & Olufsen boast that their solution differs from other manufacturers by selecting the functionality most relevant to the user, and making it easy to use.

“BeoMedia 1 offers access to digital music files, countless net radio stations, and your digital photo album including small video clips, while you are comfortably seated in front of your Bang & Olufsen TV,” says product manager Torben Kyed. “Furthermore, if you have pre-selected websites under favourites on your PC, you can use the Beo4 remote control from your sofa to access the world wide web as well.”

The BeoMedia 1 has a hard disc of 160 GB, which will fit up to 150,000 digital photos and short video clips recorded on a digital camera. All digital content can then be viewed on any Bang & Olufsen television, (and presumably non-B&O TVs too!). Using BeoLink, it’s possible to stream content, including net radio stations, to any room in the home.

The Beo4 remote control ensures complete control of the many options available. Content on BeoMedia 1 is efficiently managed from the main computer. Use your computer to select and edit music, net radio stations and digital photo files – and then turn the computer off. BeoMedia 1 and Beo4 remote control are all you need to access all content on-screen in front of your TV.

BeoMedia 1 is future-oriented and functions as a gateway to new media. In principle it is not limited to current external media sources. As panel televisions become more widespread and with greater demand for quality audio, video and internet experiences as part of a home entertainment system, BeoMedia 1 will not become outdated. Bang & Olufsen will ensure that you are constantly updated with the most recent software.

Although the whole idea is that BeoMedia 1 is out of sight, it offers a user experience and physical presence that match other Bang & Olufsen video products, such as DVD 1 and HDR 1. The dimensions of the cabinet ensure a rapid and effective heat transfer away from the hard disc and the processor. The comparatively noiseless hard disc and the extra space provided for the fan means that BeoMedia 1 in operation is barely audible.

The BeoMedia will be available from January 2006 and is expected to retail for around $2700.

Technical specifications
Fan noise Stand-by max. 20 dBA, active max. 23 dBA
Dimensions/weight 10 x 38 x 28 cm / 3,0 kg
Power consumption External adaptor 12 VDC, 50 W – typically 35 W
Operative system Microsoft Windows XP built-in
Screen resolution VGA min. resolution 800 x 600, 16-bit colour,
TV-output S-VHS, and supports composite NTSC/PAL-signal
Sockets – B&O related:
· IR-input
· Master Link (data + audio)
· Line-out – analogue stereo L/R
· S/PDIF-output
· S-Video + Video
Sockets – PC-related:
· USB 1.1 og 2.0
· Ethernet 10/100 MB
· PCMCIA-plads
· PS2-keyboard and mouse
· Serial COM-port

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