Microsoft Accidentally Reveal “App Store”


Microsoft has accidentally revealed its team “App Store” in its blog post

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Windows 8: What its Desktop is expected to look like
The best kind of gift is a surprise, and Microsoft has wrapped up a nice one today inadvertently confirming a few things about its upcoming Windows 8. Chief Steven Sinofsky posted a list of teams working on the next gen OS on the Microsoft Developer Network blog, accidentally confirming a Windows ‘App store’ and according to Slashgear, possibly Kinect integration.

The post was titled “Introducing the team”, and was simply meant to make its development process a bit more transparent. Cheers Microsoft.

Sinofsky’s post details how the Window’s project is vast, and is achieved through various smaller projects working independently, but towards a unified goal. The work is organised into feature teams, with approximately 35-40 being employed.

The kicker is the Sinofsky has revealed a team is dedicated to “App store”, rousing suspicion whether or not it will replace its former marketplace with something a little more Apple.

Additionally, there’s a feature team named “Human Interaction Platform”, sounding like a feature facilitated by Microsoft’s hugely popular Kinect motion controller.

It’s plausible, considering Kinect technology is being used in the enterprise world, medical industry, and classrooms.

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If so, this looks like evidence that Microsoft is designing Windows 8 to offer a more interactive, and ultimately immersive experience. 


Here is the complete list of Feature teams: 

“App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
App Store
Applications and Media Experience
App Experience
Core Experience Evolved
Device Connectivity
Devices & Networking Experience
Ecosystem Fundamentals
Engineer Desktop
Engineering System
Enterprise Networking
Global Experience
Graphics Platform
Hardware Developer Experience
Human Interaction Platform
In Control of Your PC
Kernel Platform
Licensing and Deployment
Media Platform
Networking Core
Presentation and Composition
Reliability, Security, and Privacy
Runtime Experience
Search, View, and Command
Security & Identity
Storage & Files Systems
Sustained Engineering
User-Centered Experience
Windows Online
Windows Update
Wireless and Networking services

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