Last April, Microsoft announced it was shutting down its accessories business, which included mice, keyboards, webcams, and other accessories, to focus on its Surface-branded products.

Due to a partnership with Incase, an accessory maker, the lineup of products is coming back. Onward Brands, the entity behind Incase, claims to have secured licensing rights and associated intellectual property from the Microsoft accessories portfolio.

The agreement means Incase will be responsible for manufacturing and distributing various Microsoft accessory products.

They will be launched under the branding “Incase Designed by Microsoft,” and are tipped to look and feel similar to before. The only notable difference will be the Incase leaf-shaped logo.

Screenshot 2024 01 11 091157 Microsoft Accessories Return

There have already been 23 Designed by Microsoft computer accessories that will be available for purchase later this year.

It features keyboards, mice, a speaker, headphones, and a webcam, and includes popular models such as the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard, and Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse.

Incase also has plans to launch a new ergonomic keyboard under this branding.

The accessories will be sold globally via the Incase website and various retailers including Amazon. They are expected to become available starting Q2 2024.

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