IDC predicts that the current gap between Microsoft and Sony in the vid-games sector will close, with the Xbox 360 installed base only slightly lower than that of PS3 by 2010.

“Seizing the console throne from Sony will not be a straightforward challenge for Microsoft,” said Sophie Lo, IDC analyst for consumer digital markets.

“The PlayStation console family has enjoyed considerable influence on the Australian consumer mindset for the past 10 years – steadily bolstering its library and building a familiar gaming experience,” she added.

Nevertheless, IDC says the winning strategy will be the best gaming experience, not transforming the console into a media hub.

“The right to claim the throne of the next-generation will belong to whoever can position the brand that delivers the very heart of gaming – namely, great games and an immersive gaming experience,”

said analyst Jerson Yau, co-author of the IDC gaming study.

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