Microsoft has expanded its digital game gifting feature for all users. Last month Microsoft began allowing digital gift gifting for games on the Xbox One. Users could login to the Xbox One store and select a game to send digitally as a gift.

However, this feature was only available for Xbox insiders. Now in time for Christmas the service is accessible for all users. Forbes has specified a few restrictions that Xbox user should be aware of.

Xbox One X 970x545 Microsoft Now Allows Digital Game Gift Giving On Xbox One

A few select titles can’t be gifted, games that are pre-release titles are not allowed games must be out and available in order to gift them. Xbox 360 or original Xbox games can’t be gifted either, only Xbox One games. Senders should also be aware that games are region coded. Any sent game is tied to the region of the sender.

There are restrictions surrounding games that are on sale as well, senders can only send two of the same discounted title within a two-week period. Also, no more than 10 discounted games can be gifted in a 14-day period. Neither the sender nor the receiver can seek a refund for a gifted game.

This service is available now for any Xbox One user. It is unclear if Microsoft will ever enable the transferring of any existing digital game to family or friends, but this gift giving service has already become extremely popular.