Forget tablets: Microsoft to invade phone space, occupied by Android and Apple

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Microsoft “Surface” mock up: Image credit: TechRadar

Microsoft is expected to build its own smartphone after its Surface tablet went on sale last month to massive consumer demand, sources have indicated.

Sources told the WSJ the Windows 8 maker, who is looking to capitalise on its new touch-based operating system by developing its own ‘Surface’ mobile, is currently undergoing testing by an unidentified Asian manufacturer.

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The Microsoft smartphone is said to have a 4″ -5″ screen similar to Apple’s iPhone, although the current trend among Android handsets Samsung, HTC and LG is even larger than 5″.

Microsoft is on makeover mode at the moment so it would be no surprise if it did emerge with a home grown W8 smartie, joining other brands including Nokia, Samsung and HTC, all of who released phones on the fledgling tile based OS, launched in Australia last week.

Latest figures from analysts IDC show Android is the dominating mobile OS globally with a whopping 75% of the market, with Apple iOS trailing on 15% and Windows Phone 7 on a paltry 2% (+140%) in the third quarter, meaning it will have some catching up to do in particular with leader Android.


Apple’s and Google’s domination of mobile is dubbed by analysts as a” two horse race.”

But the Redmond based software giant clearly feels there is room for one more.

And it could be right, considering BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian’s recent demise could open up room for another big player to join the race.

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