Rumour has it, an insider has nabbed the top job

Satya Nadella, Microsoft Exec VP enterprise and cloud, is said to be next CEO at the Redmond software giant, reports Bloomberg, citing insider sources. 
Indian-born Nadella, known among his peers as ‘Mr Nice Guy‘, whose forte is relationship building, which could prove handy given the Windows maker is in a major transition period, moving from desktops, to tablets and touch-based mobiles. 
However, he is also known for his keen intellect and has spent 22 years working at Microsoft, and served as President Server and Tools Business, Senior VP of Research and Development for the Online Services and VP of Business Division.
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Is this the next big shot at Redmond?

Several other names have been flagged for the top job including Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, as well as senior execs from Ford, Eriksson.

There is also ongoing chatter about Bill Gates being bumped off as chairman. 
But “even if Gates steps down as chairman, he may be more involved in the company, …particularly in areas like product development”, according to the report. 
Microsoft just announced Q2 profit which soared to $6.5 bn
Commercial cloud services revenue grew over 100% year-over-year, as did hardware and Surface tablet sales although Windows OEM revenue fell 3%, with Windows 8 yet to gain major traction. 
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