Millions of Australians are following the World Cup on the web a recent report has revealed.

 comScore Networks, has released the results of an in-depth analysis of FIFA World Cup Internet traffic during the second week of the tournament. Monday, June 12 proved to be the strongest day yet for the official FIFA World Cup site, which is hosted by Yahoo! at fifaworldcup.yahoo.com.  More than 226 million pages were viewed during the day by more than 5 million unique visitors.

The peak day for video streaming on the official site was Thursday, June 15, with more than 610,000 streams delivered.  This compares to 425,000 video streams on June 12, and 400,000 video streams on the opening day of the tournament.  On average during the second week, 169 million pages were viewed by 4.2 million worldwide visitors and 523,000 videos were streamed each day at the Yahoo! FIFA World Cup site.

“Compared to other global events, like the Live 8 concert held in July 2005, which generated only 90 million page views over the two days it ran, these figures demonstrate the tremendous appeal of the World Cup to a global audience,” said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe. “This activity underscores the ability of the Web to create a global community focused on a shared interest.”

“The driver behind these impressive page view numbers appears to be increased activity at the site, with users having more and more content available to them as the tournament progresses,” Ivins said.  In fact, the average visitor viewed 40 pages per day during the second week compared to 31 pages per day during the opening weekend.

comScore recorded visitors to the official World Cup site from more than 35 countries around the world.  Usage from individual countries tended to spike around their national team’s games.  U.S. activity peaked on Monday when the U.S. team played the Czech Republic; South Korean activity spiked on Tuesday when their team played Togo; Argentinean activity peaked on Friday when the their team played Serbia and Montenegro; and Japanese and Brazilian activity peaked on Sunday when both of their national teams were playing. Australian visitors peaked during the Japan, Brazil and Croatia Games with millions expected for the battle with Italy tonight.

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