Mobile GPS systems company, Mio, is forecasting a rapid growth in its sales this year. The company said that it will capitalise on the 400 percent growth in Australian sales of mobile GPS systems expected this year as prices drop and consumers become more aware of their benefits.

Mio’s Australian distributor, Synnex, says that mobile GPS systems have become more popular with consumers overseas, as well as in Australia.

“The number of GPS units sold in Australia is rising at a phenomenal rate. About 30 000 units were sold in Australia last year and the expectation is that there could be about 120 000 sold this year. Sales in the US are expected to top two million his year, an increase of 100 percent on 2005. In Europe, about eight million units are expected to be sold, an increase of 50 percent on last year. There are very few motoring products that experience this sort of growth. Sales have been steadily climbing over the past three or four years, but in the past six months have really gathered pace,” said Synnex’s Mio Product Manager, Jay Ko.

Mio has four mobile GPS products on the Australian market including  the DigiWalker 136+ ($699), 169 ($899), 268 ($899) and 269+ ($999). Apart from the usual navigational features, all four devices feature an integrated MP3 player which switches off when driving directions are being given. They also warn drivers of more than 600 fixed speed and red light camera locations. The devices can be set to warn you if you go over a set speed limit. The high end model also features a built-in video player. System updates are available annually, usually online or through Synnex.

Ko said technological advancements with the devices is ongoing: “Mio has nearly 500 people working on R&D to make continual improvements to the models.”

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