M&K Sound Subs Deliver THX-Certified Boom


If chest-pounding bass is a demand in either home or professional environments, the M&K Sound X+ series subwoofers – the X10+, X12+ and X15+ – deliver serious action, with the X15+, the first 15″ push pull sub to be THX-certified Dominus class.

The recognised choice of audio professionals, with more than 45 years experience, M&K invented the satellite/subwoofer combo, so the development of THX-certified units is exciting news for anyone into premium sound, with deeper, louder and faster bass now available when you need it.

With M&K Sound a staple of major movie studios such as Warner and Disney, and Oscar-winning films such as King Kong, Black Hawk Down and Lord Of The Rings using them for sound design, the X+ series will perfectly complement your home system.

“THX Dominus sets a new benchmark in cinema sound,” explains the company. “M&K Sound have once again proven they can provide the very best in cinema for the home and commercial use.”

All three new X+ series models feature full 25mm MDF construction and bracing to eliminate panel vibrations or cabinet resonances, plus increased venting at the base of the woofers mitigates distortion resulting from air turbulence.

X10 121121 11769 M&K Sound Subs Deliver THX Certified  Boom

“Passing THX rigorous standards for audio certification means passing hundreds of tests. M&K can be proud of this accomplishment, and audio enthusiasts everywhere will be pleased with the extraordinary pure, powerful output of these subwoofers.”

The next series builds on the already impressive X series with new drivers that enhance physical Bass feel for users, and deliver excellent RMS and peak wattage power hikes.

Enticingly, none of this results in distortion when things get truly large at the bottom end, including the “feel it but can’t hear it” end of the spectrum, when frequencies dip as deep as 16Hz (X15+), 18Hx (X12+) and 20 Hz (X10+). The X15+ packs 700W RMS, with 1400W peak. The X12+ sees 600WRMS and 1200W peak. The X10+ will put out 500W RMS and 1000W peak.

This all comes through specially developed Carbon Fibre Woofer Cones with ultra-high strength and rigidity so they can handle the immense power delivered.

Available in April from authorised M&K dealers, the X10+ will be $6499, the X12+ will be $7999, and the X15+ will be $8999, so prepare for your bass world to get a whole lot brighter.