Telstra customers who own an iPhone can finally watch Mobile Foxtel on their device, with the company launching this video streaming function today.

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According to Telstra, iPhone users can now watch more than 30 Mobile Foxtel channels by navigating to the BigPond Portal via the BigPond Mobile for iPhone Safari bookmark.
Telstra’s Director for Product Management, Freddie Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen said, “The iPhone is a logical first choice for delivering an improved Mobile TV experience. Generally, iPhone users are already accustomed to consuming a vast array of media on their devices. Mobile Foxtel provides an exciting opportunity for these customers to enjoy top quality programming while on the go.”
The service improvements will not be limited to the iPhone, the capability will be rolled out progressively with a range of future Telstra Next G handsets over coming months.
Telstra iPhone customers can subscribe to the Mobile Foxtel Ultimate Combo for $18 capped per month with Mobile Foxtel 2 pack combo’s such as Kids and Entertainment available for $12 per month.

Customers can also sample Mobile FOXTEL by purchasing a day pack for only $4. Telstra Mobile TV services are unmetered, which means they can be viewed without affecting their monthly data usage allowance.

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