Optus will be giving its users up to $680 worth of total included value plus unlimited standard national SMS and MMS on its Yes $59 Cap plan.

The ‘yes’ $59 Cap plan, available on a 12 or 24 month contract, provides customers with two lots of value – ‘Optus2AnyOne’ Value and ‘Optus2Optus’ Value.

Customers will use the Optus2AnyOne Value first which includes $330 worth of standard calls and text to any GSM mobile and fixed lines within Australia.If the Optus2AnyOne Value is used up, customers can then access the additional Optus2Optus Value to continue calling Optus family and friends and business partners, which provides $350 worth of standard calls and text to any Optus GSM mobile and selected Optus fixed lines within Australia.

Consumer customers can also enjoy free 5 minute calls to Optus GSM mobiles on the same account within Australia, 24/7.

“The ‘yes’ $59 Cap plan is a hot new offer in the mobile market, we have greatly increased the value for customers as well as adding a market first for cap plans of unlimited standard national SMS and MMS,” says Anthony Hearne, Acting Marketing Director, Optus Consumer.

“These new plans reflect the value we are committed to offering customers when choosing a mobile provider. These plans are great news, perfect options for people and businesses on a budget,” added Hearne.


Small business customers signing up for ‘yes’ Business $49, $59 and $79 Cap Plans receive unlimited voicemail and a choice of Smart Fleet – free standard calls, SMS and MMS within Australia to other GSM mobiles on their business account 24/7 or Business Time – free five minute calls to three nominated Optus GSM mobiles or standard fixed line numbers within Australia.

Additionally small business customers can get the Blackberry Bold for $0 upfront on a ‘yes’ Business $49 Cap Plan over 24 months with up to $680 included value and for an extra $9.99 a month, customers can get a ‘yes’ Business Blackberry Lite plan with unlimited web based e-mails.

“94 per cent of small businesses are online and now with our ‘yes’ Business Caps and Blackberry offers, our customers are able to keep in contact and respond to their customers requests in a timely and more efficient manner,” Phil Offer, Marketing Director, Optus Small and Medium Business said.

“Having met our target of reaching 96 per cent of the population in December 2008, more Australians than ever now have access to competitively priced wireless broadband and 3G mobile services delivered over our high quality, high speed mobile network,” Mr Hearne said.

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