AMX has launched several new products, including additions to its remote control, keypad and controller range.

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First up are the AMX MAX HT Content servers, which the company claims are the first servers in the world to have been engineered specifically for placement in acoustically demanding environments, such as home theatres. It is also claimed to be the industry’s first server designed specifically for a visible equipment rack, table or credenza. It promises inaudible operation, MAX-AVP audio video player  and MAX-AVM unit support.

For more home control from the comfort of your seat, AMX has extended its Mio Modero range to include the Mio Modero R-2 remote. The company says this remote is ideal for people wanting to control a specific number of integrated devices from more than one room. Using RF, the remote can transmit signals through walls and ceilings up to a claimed 100 feet indoors or 300 feet outdoors.

The Mio-DMS keypad has also had an upgrade – the new Mio Modero DMS Pinnacle offers the same Dynamic Menu system functionality as the Mio Modero DMS, but with an added dual touch overlay.

Also in the new line-up is the NI-X100 series next generation integrated controllers. According to AMX, the NI-2100, NI-3100 and NI-4100 offer

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the same form factor as their predecessors, while offering twice as much memory and three times more processing power. The controllers are also Duet-compatible out of the box. Duet is a dual-interpreter firmware platform from AMX, combining  NetLinx with the capabilities of the Java 2 MicroEdition (J2ME) platform.

For enhanced security and encryption for AMX wireless touchpanels, the company has introduced an 802.11g CompactFlash (CF) Card that is both Wi-Fi Certified&trade and Cisco Compatible, for network interoperability with AMX systems. The Card also claims to enables greater transmission range for more flexibility and convenience.

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“With the new 802.11g CF card from AMX, homeowners and IT/AV managers will have flexibility to choose the wireless security that best fits their need,” said AMX CEO, Rashid Skaf. “In particular, those wanting to use Cisco’s wireless networking technology – widely recognized among the world’s best for enhanced security – will have peace of mind knowing their wireless control network is protected by Cisco’s advanced encryption software.”

See: www.amx.com and www.avtechnology.com.au

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