Samsung has announced three whitegoods promotions in the days leading up to Christmas.

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According to the company, customers can receive a $100 rebate with selected reverse-cycle air conditioner purchases from participating retailers. The ‘Breeze Into Summer’ promotion runs until December 24, 2009, but consumers must register by January 7, 2010 in order to receive their installation bonus.

The Samsung air conditioners that qualify for the promotion offer are as follows: AQV09VSCN, AQV09VSDN, AQV09NSBN, AQV09NSDN, AQV12VSCN, AQV12VSDN, AQV12NSBN, AQV12NSDN, AQV18VSCN, AQV18VSDN, AQV18NSBN, AQV18NSDN, AQV24VSCN, AQV24VSGN, AQV24VSDN, AQV24VSFN, AQV24NSDN, AQV24NSFN, AQV24NSBN, AQV24NSGN, AQV30JAN, and AQV30JDN.

The promotion includes the energy-efficient Vivace AQV24VSGN and the Neo Forte AQV24NSGN, both of which have 6.8KW cooling capacity and a 4 star energy rating.

Users who purchase selected Side By Side or Top Mount Refrigerators can get a Westfield Gift Card worth up to $300. This ‘Happy Holidays’ promo runs until December 31, 2009, but purchases must be registered by January 16, 2010.


The Side By Side Refrigerators that qualify for the $300 Gift Card are: SRF752DSS, SRS752QDUS, SRS585HDIS, SRS600HNP, SRS599HNW, SRS607HDSS, SRS628HNSS, SRS702GDHSS, and SRS691GDIS.
The Top Mount Refrigerators that qualify for the $100 Gift Card are: SR367NW, SR394NW, SR418MW, and SR419MSS. Users who purchase an SR216NME Top Mount Refrigerator will receive a $50 Gift Card.

The promotion includes the recently released range of SBS fridges released including the popular SRS691GDIS SPACE fridge.

Finally, consumers who purchase selected Samsung microwave ovens can get a bonus 12-month Donna Hay magazine subscription. According to the company, the MW9114ST, MW9114W, ME6124ST, ME6124W, ME6144ST, and ME6144W microwave ovens are eligible for the offer.

The promotion also includes the recently released MW9114ST microwave oven, which comes with an auto steam cook option and in-built humidity sensor. Consumers must register on the Samsung website www.samsung.com.au/promotions by the 14th February 2010 to receive their bonus subscription.


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