Motorola is set to sex up the phone accesory market with a powerful new range of very trendy Bluetooth devices.

They are also set to launch an impressive Bluetooth Stereo gateway that allows users to stream content. There is also Bluetooth devices for

your sunglasses.
Motorola are set to take the phone accessories market by storm with a powerful new range of Bluetooth products that include helmet headsets for cyclists, pink headsets for fashion conscious women, Oakley sunglasses with RazWire Bluetooth devices attached. They have also introduced new Bluetooth car kits and a new generation stereo headset that can be used with an iPod or attached to a Hi-Fi system from up to 100 meters away.

 Currently distributed via Cellnet, Brightpoint, Force and Roadhound the new range is set to drive additional profits into the channel.

“This range is leading edge and reseller will when the range is fully rolled out in Australia, have the opportunity to generate additional profits by selling an excellent range of accessories which research shows appeal to today’s fashion conscious consumer. Australia is ahead of the US market when it comes to phones and if Europe is anything to go by consumers will change their Bluetooth accessories more often than they buy a phone. This presents them with additional opportunities to make margin” said Bruce Hawver Vice President and General Manager of Motorola’s Mobile Business Division.

“In the Bluetooth accessories space we have learnt some lessons for example our European resellers reported that 7%% of a particular Bluetooth headset was being sold to men. We then came up with the idea of doing a pink accessory and very quickly we achieved 75% penetration of the female accessory market simply by adding pink to the range” Said Hawver.

Among the products announced by Motorola is Bluetooth Stereo Gateway that allows content to be streamed from home entertainment systems. Aimed at the MP3 and iPod market the device demonstrated to SHR worked a treat even over a wide area and through glass.

Among the new products announced by Motorola are:

 Motorola Wireless Headset HS805

This headset is powered by a single replaceable AAA battery that gives up to 30 talk time.

 Motorola Wireless Headset HS801

Weighing just 20 grams, the adjustable ear hook allows the headset to be worn on either ear.  For added simplicity, a multifunction button enables one to place, receive or end a call with the push of a button.  With 3.5 hours talk time from a single charge; users will never be out of contact with the HS801.

Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit HF820

The Motorola HF820 is truly portable and requires no installation.  Start a conversation in your car and continue it all the way to your home or office.

Motorola Wireless Headset HS850

The Motorola HS850 combines top notch connectivity with a creative and ergonomic design to deliver advances in talk time, style and connectivity. With a fashionable look featuring black soft touch finishes and foldable boom microphone, this sleek headset connects to compatible mobile phones, PCs or PDAs up to 10 metres away.

Motorola Wireless Headset HS820

The funky design and compact size makes it a perfect accessory for the fashion conscious. It can be worn on either the left or right ear, Volume Orientation technology ensures that the volume controls are always set upright.  With a lengthy six hours talk time from a single charge, the HS820 is always ready to hit the road.

Motorola Pendant Headset HS830

The Bluetooth Hands free Pendant HS830 includes a portable Bluetooth module and a stylish neck strap with a built-in ear bud headset and microphone. Simply turn the headset on, place the ear bud in your ear and a Bluetooth link is automatically established with your phone.  The Bluetooth module can also be used with a helmet adaptor that allows you to convert your helmet into a wireless Bluetooth helmet headset.

Motorola Wireless Helmet Headset HS830

This portable module means the conversation doesn’t have to end with the ride – remove from the helmet adapter and attach to neck strap and the conversation continues.

Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset HT820

The HT820 Bluetooth Stereo Headset can simultaneously connect to your mobile phone and a separate music source to remain in contact at all times.  Music automatically pauses and the headset alerts you when a call comes in, then resumes play where you left off after each call.  The compact, lightweight design provides maximum comfort and initiative buttons allow you to control the music directly from the headset.

Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver DC800

With the ability to turn most stereos into a wireless music system, the portable Motorola DC800 streams content to the Motorola HT820 from the stereo and Bluetooth wireless-enabled mobile phones, PCs or other devices. For group listening, music can be played through the stereo speakers.

Motorola Bluetooth USB PC Adapter PC850

The Motorola PC850 empowers traditional laptops and PCs with Bluetooth technology, establishing cordless connections to compatible mobile phones, headsets and PDAs. Whether used to share and stream music files, data or images, the PC adapter provides a new level of mobile convenience.

Motorola Deluxe Wireless Car Kit HF850

This easy to use, premium, professionally installed aftermarket car kit is voice operated and supports four languages, making it simple to add and remove Bluetooth enabled phones.  The HF 850 automatically connects securely to a driver’s Bluetooth wireless technology enabled phone to provide a hands-free and wire-free communication experience inside the car.

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