Motorola’s latest range of MobileME Bluetooth wireless devices is designed with style in mind, but more importantly, makes Bluetooth wireless technology easier to use.

“We focused on consistency when developing these devices, so it’s not such a steep learning curve for consumers who wish to adopt Bluetooth technology. Our EasyPair technology is an example of this,” said Motorola’s John Demezieres.

EasyPair claims to simplify Bluetooth by shortening the number of steps needed to connect a Bluetooth accessory to a Bluetooth phone. The technology also claims to work with any compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone, not just Motorola phones.

The new easy-to-use range includes a number of Bluetooth enabled goodies – everything from headsets and stereo adapters to eyewear and jackets.


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The new range of MobileME Bluetooth headsets includes the nifty H700 ($150), which Motorola’s Peter Joblin said has been the most popular seller so far. This headset is tiny and trim, and features Moto’s RapidConnect technology – this is essentially a little flap on the headset which you can open and close to quickly power on and off.

Also in the range is the H500, available in a range of colours designed to entice the fashion conscious.

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According to Mr Demezieres, although the silver has been the most popular colour overall, when the pink was first released, it outsold both the black and white models combined. That’s the power of pink!

Stereo System:

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First up in the stereo line up is the home stereo adapter (DC800) ($150). This allows you to stream content from your home entertainment system and listen wirelessly from your headset.  

So which headset does Motorola have in mind? The answer is its Bluetooth stereo headphones (HT820). These allow you to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled phone with a separate music source via the DC800 adapter. The headphones alert you to incoming calls which you can answer via the integrated controls and microphone. The HT820 also comes with a 3.5mm headset jack so you can use them with non-wireless devices as well.

Also on the stereo system menu is the stereo PC adapter (PC850) ($65), which allows you to stream music from your computer to your Motorola stereo headphones (HT820). If you use both the PC adapter and the stereo adapter, you can stream music from your computer to your stereo. The headphones and adapters all have a Bluetooth range of 10 metres.

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A top-end headphone option is the Bluetooth DJ headphone (S805) ($250), which also allows you to listen (wirelessly) to your music or take phone calls from your Bluetooth-enabled handset. You can also control your music using the integrated volume and skip dials located on the ear piece. The sound is also surprisingly good, though the headphones might be a bit bulky for everyday wear. The headphones also feature a built-in noise-reducing, wind-resistant microphone and have a claimed talk time of 20 hours, music listening time of 17 hours or 230 hours of standby time from a single charge. Like the HT820, they also come with a 3.5mm headset jack.
If you want to hang on to your slim in-ear headphones, but still want to connect wirelessly to your phone and music, the Bluetooth stereo controller (S705) ($TBD) as an option for you. Plug your wired headphones into this device, pair it up with your music source and phone and off you go. The controller works with any brand of Bluetooth-enabled compatible phone or music devices that support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). It is Motorola’s first Class 1 Bluetooth stereo headset and features a range of up to 330ft.


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JBL On Tour Mobile ($170) is Motorola’s portable music box (created with JBL). Featuring dual speakers, this little box can work with your music phone, MP3 player or laptop. You can even use the box as a portable speakerphone. It has a claimed 24 hours of continuous play using four AAA batteries. The box is about the size of a hard sunglasses case and only a bit heavier.




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This is a really smart accessory for all your Bluetooth gear – a portable charger for your phone or Bluetooth headset (P790) ($85). Precharge the device at any standard power outlet, then simply connect your phone and/or headset (you can charge both at the same time using a separately sold cable) for charging. Motorola claims it can charge your phone one to two times and your headset more than 10 times.



Car Kit:

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For hands-free mobile phone operation in the car, Motorola has enhanced its Bluetooth car kit (T305) ($TBD) to feature a 1-watt speakerphone and voice-dialing. It has a claimed 12 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time.




Smart Wear:

Convergence is the name of the game with Motorola’s new range of “smart wear”. The O ROKR Bluetooth stereo eyewear ($370), developed in

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collaboration with Oakley, allows you to connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled phone and music player (with the Bluetooth adapter) while you’re on the go. The sunnies feature integrated speakers like in-ear headphones, and integrated music and phone controls.

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The Bluetooth Audex jacket ($869) takes the idea of smart wear one step further. This is a Bluetooth enabled jacket that links a mobile phone and/or iPod with an embedded system operated via a removable control module located on the jacket sleeve. A built-in microphone in the hood and headphones available in separate helmet or hood finish off this high-tech piece of clothing.



So there you go – Bluetooth in almost every form imaginable to get you wireless.

See: www.motorola.com



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