At first glance, the Teac boombox looks just like any other portable radio: it can play CDs, has an FM/AM tuner, and uses eight C batteries for added portability. However, the company has included additional features to make sure that users get the lot. The Smarthouse team finds out whether this device is well worth the purchase.

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Teac says that its PDCDV125L is an ‘All-in-one Mega Boombox.’ And why not – the company has decided to include a 7-inch screen, a built-in DVD player, a USB and SD/MMC card slot, and MP3/MP4/JPEG playback on the device, making it a portable entertainment device to be used anywhere.

Users can find the disc tray, audio in port, microphone in port, USB port, SD/MMC card slot, and a microphone volume knob, along with the Power and FM indicator and remote sensor up front. The top of the box hosts the earphone jack, volume knob, function switch (DVD/SUB/Card, Off, Radio), menu, repeat, audio, display, stop, rewind/previous, forward/next, and play/pause buttons, a band switch (FM/AM/FM ST), the tuning control knob, as well as the unit’s 7-inch TFT screen.

Users can also find a composite and RCA port, battery compartment, AC socket, and FM antennae at the back of the unit.

The unit can be used as a portable radio, a CD player, a DVD player, a JPEG viewer, an MP3 player, or as an MP4 video player. Rotating the 7-inch screen enables a user to watch a DVD movie, while the USB and SD/MMC port allows a user to view saved JPEG photos or MP3/MP4 files on the screen.


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Teac has included a remote control to make menu navigation easy, although it could have been better if the radio had dedicated keys for menu browsing (in case a user forgets to bring the remote).

Videos and photos are properly displayed on the PCDV125L’s 7-inch screen, with users being able to adjust the screen’s colour and brightness accordingly. The screen can also be tilted or swivelled up to 180 degrees, allowing users to view the movie at any given angle. If the 7-inch screen is too small, one can opt to hook up the device to any TV set via its composite port, transforming the device to a portable DVD player.

Despite the good display and multi-function ability of the DVD boombox, we have encountered some minor problems which may turn some users off. For one, the unit occasionally makes a loud whirling sound, distracting users who are watching in close proximity. The unit also has problems displaying large photos, taking more than a couple of seconds to display a high-resolution photo taken from a DSLR camera.

Audio quality is good at normal volumes, although it becomes tinny as the volume increases. Otherwise, it can still get loud and fill up small room with sound.

The Teac PCDV125L DVD boombox is certainly a must-have for users who want to keep themselves busy and entertained on long road trips. Just don’t forget to stack up on batteries, especially if you are planning to watch DVDs on the 7-inch screen. The PCDV125L is available now for $299.

See page over for product specifications and final rating.


Teac PCDV125L Portable DVD Boombox Specifications:


  • Portable DVD Boombox 
  • DVD/CD/MP4/ MP3/ Photos playback 
  • AM/FM Stereo 
  • SD/MMC Card slot 
  • USB 2.0 compatible 
  • OSD 
  • Zoom/Repeat 
  • Remote control 
  • PAL/NTSC compatible 


  • Microphone input
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • AUX input
  • Video out
  • Audio out 
  • Audio in 
  • AC/DC Operational
  • Battery size: UM2 or”C”x8 (not included)
  • Output power: 2×2.5W

Teac DVD Boombox PCDV125L | $299 |  | www.teac.com.au

For: DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, JPEG playback; 7-inch screen; Remote control; Battery/AC powered
Against: No dedicated controls for main menu; Sound gets tinny at times; Noticeable whirling sound; Occasional slowdown in loading high-resolution photos and videos
Conclusion: A fine multitasking on-the-go boombox.

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