Cambridge Audio are about to release their new low-cost Incognito multiroom system in Australia.

The Incognito system uses standard CAT-5 cabling to send audio (and optionally video) to four main zones and four sub-zones per unit.

The main hub, which can be situated close to a hi-fi system, has inputs for six source components, four of which can be played simultaneously.

The system is operated by in-wall keypads and remote controls, plus there’s an active speaker option (using a Class D digital amplifier) that requires just a remote.

Incognito is compatible with virtually all hi-fi brands, but is designed to match closely with Cambridge Audio’s own electronics, and is based on the A-BUS system.

All Series 2 Cambridge Audio amplifiers – the 540A, 640A, and 840A – feature ‘Incognito-ready’ LAN ports for connection to the Incognito components.

Each component is available individually, but distributors Synergy Audio Visual are also bundling them as 4 Zone Systems. The pack features four SS10 passive ceiling speakers, an A-Bus audio hub control unit, four KP10 wall keypads, an LR10 learning remote control, and a PS10 switch mode power supply, priced at $3,965. Alternatively, the system costs $2,785 without speakers.

The Incognito system and components will be available from mid-April 2006.

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