Sennheiser’s Momentum gestation period was long and arduous – but very fruitful. Which is what you’d expect from a model that begs to be used on the move with smartphones and other personal portable devices.

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Feed them a hi-res signal and the Momentums have jaw-dropping sound quality, with crystalline treble, open-spaced midrange and deep, detailed bass.

Every detail from the softly brushed, leather covered, light stainless steel headband to the oh-so-comfortable and lush ear pads speaks of a headphone designed with comfort, supreme sound quality, street-wise good looks, ease-of-use and premium build quality in mind.

Individual details such as the ability to custom fit the Momentum’s ear cups simply by moving them up or down a slider will please. So will the heat and acid-resistant, tangle-free cable fashioned from the same material used to make the hi-tech, protective overalls worn by racing drivers. Momentum weighs just 190 grams and comes in Ivory, Brown or Black finish.


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