NAD has introduced two new amplifier products to start the year: the M15HD surround sound preamplifier and the C 245BEE Amp four-channel power amplifier.

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The M15HD is NAD’s new high definition version of its M15 surround sound preamplifier. The device uses NAD’s new Modular Design Construction, an architecture that places all circuitry on five easily removable plug-in cards for easy service and upgrades. It is the first Master Series component to do so.

The modules for the M15HD come packed with advanced features that include: dual 32-bit Aureus 7.1 high-speed DSPs by Texas Instruments; Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, and MultEQ Pro room correction technologies by Audyssey; decoding for advanced audio formats, including Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio; and Sigma Designs’ VXP broadcast-quality image processor.
The device is also loaded with features that allow the user to adapt it to different installation needs. These features include an RS-232 interface for advanced custom installations, 12-Volt triggers  (1 in and 3 out) for advanced control options, 3.5-mm IR control jacks (1 in and 3 out), an A/V output for a second zone, a second zone OSD and remote control, and a switched AC outlet.
Other features include four HDMI 1.3 repeaters, a tape monitor, lip sync compensation (option to 100mS), flexible bass management, and individual crossover frequencies for front, center, and surround speakers. Also on board are four dual differential 24-bit, 192-kHz digital-to-analogue converters, Dynamic Headroom Scaling for optimum resolution, digital tone controls with a centre channel ‘dialogue’ setting and an extensive package of connections. Also provided are separate power supplies for digital and analogue sections of the M15 HD, a custom designed Switch Mode, and a Linear Power Supply with a custom ‘Figure 8’ transformer.   
The M15HD surround sound preamplifier is available from NAD dealers for a RRP of $7499
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The C245BEE four-channel power amplifier, as its name suggests, has a 4-channel architecture that allows a range of system building options. When paired with NAD’s C165BEE preamplifier, it can drive any loudspeaker and has the option to bi-amplify.

The C245BEE is rated at 35 Watts/per channel, Minimum Continuous Power, into 4 or 8 ohms, with all channels driven simultaneously, for 20Hz – 20kHz, with 0.03 percent THD (NAD Full Disclosure Power). It can also handle 55W, 85W and 100W Dynamic Power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively; and 2 x 90W Minimum Continuous Power into 8 Ohms in bridge mode.
The C245BEE has three options for powering up: a front panel switch, a 12V trigger control (supported by many companion NAD products), and a signal-sensing ‘auto’ turn on. In Standby mode, it draws less than one Watt thanks to a separate high-efficiency power supply, saving power and reducing carbon emissions. A ‘vacation’ switch completely disconnects the power.  
Each input has a ‘loop out’ feature allowing multiple C245BEEs to share the same signal, which is ideal for elaborate custom installations. Pairs of channels can be switched on and off with Speaker A and B switches on the front panel. Additional refinements include a short signal path from input to output, gold-plated sockets, multi-way binding post speaker outputs, and a detachable IEC power cable.
The C245BEE four-channel power amplifier is available from NAD dealers for a RRP of $899. 
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