The NAD M3 packs two channels of audio grunt your ears are going to love.

Continuing its benchmark Masters Series, NAD has announced the M3, an 180 watt RMS per channel amplifier, which it says is its finest fully featured integrated stereo amp to date.

Boasting Dual Mono design with both unregulated and discrete regulated power supplies for different stages of the two channels, the M3 claims to be capable of 180 watts per channel into 8 ohms from 20 Hz-20 kHz with less than 0.002% distortion.

NAD’s PowerDrive technology is claimed to allow the M3 to sound even  more powerful than its per channel power rating suggests by continuously measuring load impedance on each channel and adjusting the power supply voltage for maximum undistorted, dynamic power into the speaker.

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The pre-amp section uses discrete low noise, high impedance J-FET buffer amps and high quality reed relay switches at the pre-amp input. Unlike many traditional amplifier designs, the input signal never has to travel to the front panel for switching, thereby keeping signal paths short and noise and distortion to an absolute minimum.

The M3 features wideband Class A voltage amplifier circuitry, driving a high-current amp output stage comprising four pairs of super-rugged 150 watt discrete bipolar output transistors per channel. This, together with special high current, low output impedance Class A gain-modules, provides a -100dB (1HF) S/N ratio.

A bi-amp function allows for use with a second amplifier or active subwoofer and offers a high pass filter function on pre-out, with selectable 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz and 100Hz crossover frequencies. A balanced line input also provides connection to professional type A/V components.

The M3 offers a full suite of convenient features, such as speaker switching for two pairs of speakers, flexible tone controls and a Mode Control that allows stereo left only, right only, and mono settings. There is a Zone 2 output with its own independent set of commands and a dedicated ZR3 remote control. Also incorporated are bass and treble adjustments, as well as a spectral tilt option that is said to correct tonal balance.

Cost: $3999

See www.audioproducts.com.au

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