NAD has offered the latest updated version of its acclaimed 3020 amplifier, the C325BEE.

The company claims that the 50-watt C325BEE offers lower distortion, less noise and more detailed rendition than its predecessors in the series.

The amp was developed by head designer Bjorn Erik Edvardsen and offers advanced features such as NAD’s ‘Power Drive Technology, which matches the amplifier to the speaker load to create large reserves of dynamic headroom.

This results in an open and smooth sound faithful to the original performance, NAD says.

‘Soft clipping’ technology is also included to eliminate the harsh sound that results when overdriving occurs.

There is also a BEE Clamp to monitor the output transistor’s load in real time and clamp the base to prevent saturation. This means the amp can instantly recover from overloading.

The C325BEE offers 05-watts per channel and inputs for tuner, CD, cassette deck and other line input A/V connections; as well as MP input for iPods and other media players.

The RRP of the C325BEE is $599. More information at www.audioproducts.com.au

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