As navigation companies start to come under pressure, companies like Navman have taken to pre-releasing a product in an effort to stall the purchase of competitors products.

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Earlier today, Navman showed a new GPS device that goes beyond navigation to include a Bluetooth function that can be used to connect to Google and TrueLocal (via GPRS), content from Wcities Travel Book and Lonely Planet, and  multimedia playing functions.

Earlier this week, Kogan released a portable navigation system which retails for $249. This device can be used for music and video playback as well as navigation.

Key features of the new navman which is set to be launched in July include Spoken Street Names (TTS), Keyword search, SUNA traffic, FM transmitter, Bluetooth function (handsfree and GPRS connection), Safety Alerts, and various routing options.


Navman’s Marketing Director, Wendy Hammond said, “People use GPS for different reasons. This is why we are releasing a new line of GPS devices that not only takes you from point A to point B, but it will also give you everything found in-between.”

“With the new Navman MY Series, people really should feel like they have a reliable and knowledgeable ‘mate’ in the car who knows the area – a resource from which they can get good directions,” says Hammond.

When asked what other features are coming to Navman devices, Hammond said that they are currently working with other companies to provide a feature that would display petrol prices of the nearest stations, and even display the number of parking slots available in a nearby carpark.

“We want to make travelling easier, and the new line of Navman products will do just that,” concluded Hammond.

Pricing of the four new Navman products (MY30, MY50T, MY55T, and MY500XT) are unavailable at this time of writing, but Navman says that it will be “very competitive.”

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