The new range of GPS devices by Navman claims to deliver clever, stylish, and useful features that will change the way we navigate and drive.

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Available from late October 2008 onwards, the Navman S-Series Platinum is a 13.5mm metal-cased GPS unit that sports a new interface using Navteq maps, a scrollable ‘glide’ touch screen, as well as easier search functions for faster navigation.

Navman’s Marketing Director, Wendy Hammond said, “Navman invests heavily in research and development to create GPS units that are continually two steps ahead of the market. At the end of the day, it’s about developing smart new technologies that are simple to use and make the lives of our customers easier.”
“Navman is about much more than just telling people when to turn left and right, it’s about making it easier for people to find where they want to go, to help them get there safely and then enable them to explore more about their destination,” she says.

The Navman Platinum range includes clear 3D lane guidance with junction views appearing on the screen as you approach some major turn-offs, exits or intersections. The range also comes with 3D landmarks, orientating drivers to their surroundings. The company has also included premium alerts into the Platinum range, warning drivers as they approach school zones, speed cameras, railway crossings, and even accident black spots.


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The new range can also be taken out of the car, thanks to its pedestrian mode. Changing the mode to “pedestrian” and you will automatically get directions for travelling on foot. With this mode, motorways, turn restrictions, one-ways, and blocked passage restrictions are ignored. If a route is longer than 10 kilometres, a warning is given and the 2D city maps represent detailed outlines of buildings including railway infrastructure.



  • New user interface allows you to find destinations easier using a “keyword” search – just glide your finger down the screen. There are three modes: Go – simply get the directions and help to make driving easier; Find – you can search as you do online – by a variety of means – by points of interests, streets and brand names and it will search faster and more accurately; Explore -The Navman S-Series Platinum Explore mode allows you to connect with True Local to look up specific points of interest or businesses online, find out more about them and then dial them up if you wish or be guided directly there. 
  • Petrol (efficiency mode) that displays Routes that avoid “stop-start” driving, unsealed roads and roundabouts.
  • Lane Guidance and Junction Views Richer, more specific verbal lane guidance, as well as clear navigation showing the actual view when you get to the turn or exit lanes and how lanes are connected.
  • Warnings – Safety and Speed Camera, Accident Black Spots, Railway Crossings
  • 3D Landmarks
  • World maps are contained in the box – all a user has to do is to purchase the unlock key
  • Map Data powered by Navteq
  • Pedestrian Mode Specific navigation instructions for people walking around cities – there are no instructions for motorways and turning and one way instructions are ignored.
  • Tag the location with pinpoint accuracy
  • Spoken street names across the range
  • FM transmitter and receiver
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Turn your Navman Platinum into a Bluetooth handsfree kit.
  • Mileage expense – digital log book
  • Short cuts to petrol and parking buttons
  • NavPix Downloads

Recommended retail prices:
S100 : $429
S150 : $499
S200 : $599
S300t : $699

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