Look out Telstra: new ‘virtual ISP’ has hit telco town offering mobile, broadband “exclusively” over NBN

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Aussie’s new telco, Australian Broadband Services (Ausbbs), the first of many companies to spawn from the high speed fibre National Broadband Network, will offer fixed and wireless broadband, voice over IP (VOIP) and mobile plans.

It looks like Ausbbs mean business and “will differentiate itself” from other telcos, offering good customer service, flexible billing options and ” hassle free transition” to the NBN, and will launch later this year.

The virtual ISP will have a low cost business models and has technology specifically designed for a high bandwidth environment, to offer services including fixed line broadband via the $36bn NBN, and other network carriers “where appropriate,” it says. 

It will also offer wireless Internet, Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone services including hardware that will “substantially undercut current standard telephone charges” as well as mobile phone plans and devices.

And like Telsta’s T-Box or Optus’ FetchTV, it will also offer entertainment services and bundle movies on demand and subscription TV into its offering.

The fledgling telco, whose head office is in Bondi Junction, will also offer cloud services and data storage solutions and has “ambitious plans to incorporate cloud solutions for many of the functions usually managed in house by established ISPs,” it said in a statement.

And the “virtual ISP” said this week it has secured first round funding from investors by “sources” close to AusBBS founder and CEO Rob Appel.

Stage one funding is enabling the company to launch its initial product range in the second half of 2012 as the NBN rollout gains momentum.

“We are aiming for an August release of a trial service range to be delivered exclusively over the NBN,” Appel told SmartHouse today.

“Our plans will be available nationally wherever the NBN has passed a premises.”

Ausbbs sees its competitors as ISPs live on the NBN including Telstra, Optus, iiNet and Internode, says Appel.

The NBN-only ISP say they are are “incredibly excited” by the potential applications and opportunities offered by the controversial fibre broadband network.

“We will be the first ISP to fully leverage the speed and capacity offered by the NBN, harnessing it to develop a very low cost business model, allowing us to offer cheaper and simpler internet access to all Australians,” he says.


“The NBN will create a highly competitive environment in which new entrant ISPs can compete for the first time in many years.

“AusBBS will be among a new generation of ISPs structured to take advantage of non discriminatory wholesale pricing and passing on genuine benefits to customers.”

“Our overheads will be significantly reduced using this model, allowing us to offer competitively priced access plans to all Australians, wherever the NBN reaches,” says Appel.

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