Telcos will offer multiline HD video conferencing via NBN.NBN Co unveiled a new series of enhancements to the broadband network, designed for SMB’s. 

Announced yesterday, NBN Co’s Medium Business Services supports high download/upload speeds for business-grade applications such as multiline HD video conferencing and online backup. 
Commander and Macquarie Telecom have confirmed they will be among the first looking to offer the NBN’s business-specific services.
Designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses, the new services will make cloud networks, VPN’s and other business apps work more effectively, and faster. 
Service providers can also tailor packages for SMB’s.
These state-of-the-art services were once only the domain of big businesses, will now be accessible to businesses of all sizes thanks to the NBN, says John Simon, Chief Customer Officer, NBN Co.
“Access to fast and reliable broadband provides the platform for a host of advanced services that are changing the way that Australians do business. Cloud based services, virtual private networks and advanced collaboration through high-definition video are all vital to helping Australian businesses remain competitive in the global digital economy,” he said. 
NBN Co is developing other business products to be released in the future, it confirmed. 
Chris Greig, Macquarie Telecom Group Executive of Telco Business said: “we are delighted to support the expansion of NBN business services across Australia. “The NBN, together with cloud and mobility, provides opportunity for a dramatic change in business models. We see the combination of these three trends as the key to unlocking the full potential for our customers.”
Visit nbnco.com.au/business
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