Its coming: NSW chosen as first NBN Satellite gateway site.

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Merimbula, located along the far South Coast of NSW, is the first NBN satellite site and will play an important role in delivering broadband to remote communities, NBN Co said today.

The new high-tech facility will transmit high-speed internet for the NBN’s Satellite Service to remote parts of Australia including Norfolk and Christmas Islands, where fibre rollout is unfeasible.

The Merimbula satellite is the first of 10 such satellite facilities to be unleashed nationally. The NBN satallite will transmit high speed broadband to 200,000 households across Oz, in total.

Construction is set to begin next year and it is set to be up and running by 2015.

There will be a ground station gateway and six satellite dishes in Wolumla, approximately 15 kilometres north-west of the township of Merimbula.

This announcement comes after furore about the NBN Co satellite strategy earlier this week, with Shadow Communication minister, Malcolm Turnbull, branding the two satellies it intends to launch in 2015, ‘risky’ since it had yet to be allocated space in orbit by international telcom agencies.

“The NBN ground station at Wolumla near Merimbula will play a vital role in the delivery of broadband to people living in the outback and offshore territories such as Norfolk and Christmas Islands,” Matt Dawson, NBN Co’s Satellite Project Director, said.

“The physical location of a satellite ground station in the area doesn’t mean the town will miss out on fibre optic broadband. Its size and population means, subject to finalisation of our rollout plans, we expect many in the town of Merimbula will receive the fibre optic service before the end of the planned 10-year rollout of the nationwide upgrade to Australia’s communication infrastructure.” 


This satellite will operate as an interim service until 2015 when NBN Co plans to launch two satellites of its own which will see wholesale speeds offered to internet service providers increase to up to 12Mbps download.

The Merimbula facility will operate in support of this service.

For more information visit www.nbnco.com.au

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