Packard-Bell is merging with NEC Computers in a move the companies believe reflects the growing convergence between audiovisual and information technology.

According to NEC, the company has been phasing out the Packard-Bell name and replacing them with NEC-branded products over the past year.

“The end result will be better cost competitiveness through increased economies of scale, a more comprehensive and innovative product offering incorporating advanced technological features,” said NEC Computers’ Tim Falinski.

 “As a part of the process NEC Computers has held regular meetings with its channel partners to plan the transition, which has delivered a smooth process for customers and suppliers,” he said.

NEC said the change also strengthens NEC Computers’ reputation as a global corporation with a brand spanning multiple personal computers and electronics products.

 “With this strategic move by NEC Computers, we are confident that customers will benefit from the innovative designs and high-quality of the NEC brand of computers,” Mr Falinski said.

Customers who have bought Packard-Bell products will continue to be supported under existing warranty conditions, NEC said.

See:  www.nec-computers.com.au

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