Network hardware vendor NetComm has announced the latest in a line of products leading to the digital home gateway.

Priced at $299, the NB9W MyNetGateway is an integrated broadband access device that incorporates an ADSL2+ modem/router, Wireless Access Point/Bridge and VoIP Gateway delivering in one package what initially required four separate devices.

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“The MyNetGateway is the perfect unit for users who want to remove the annoyance associated with having multiple communication, networking and Internet devices in the one workstation,” said David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm. “The integrated features of the NB9W allow users to combine the technologies into one simple, stylish box, making it ideal for residential and business users alike.”

The NB9W is the first product in NetComm’s new PerformaPlus series of high-end Internet hardware units.

“The PerformaPlus series is designed to deliver robust performance to handle multiple processor-intensive Internet applications simultaneously – including VoIP, Video on Demand, High Definition Multimedia Streaming, Web serving/hosting and On-line gaming,” said Stewart. “We’ve developed it for demanding home or small business users that don’t compromise on quality or performance when selecting broadband or computer hardware.”

“By far the most powerful feature of this new product is the built-in VoIP gateway featuring two FXS (phone) ports,” said Brett Stevens, Senior Product Engineer, NetComm. “This allows for two normal analogue phones to be connected to the NB9W and can be configured with two VoIP accounts with the same VoIP Provider.  It is ideal for a home office or small office situation where there might be two different businesses at the same premises, allowing them to run separate VoIP phone accounts.”

In addition, the NB9W has an FXO (line) port for connection of a regular telephone service for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) backup and to receive inbound and make outbound ‘landline’ calls. The NB9W is one of the first desktop IADs in Australia with this feature. It ensures that the user will always have an available phone service.

Finally, the MyNetGateway features a built-in 802.11g Wireless Access Point, delivering up to 54Mbps wireless functionality, allowing Internet and networking signals to be streamed wirelessly – giving users the option to move about without a wire.


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