NetComm has introduced a VoIP telephone adaptor/router which is the first of its kind with an emergency services ‘lifeline’ function and PSTN telephone backup.

The NetComm V300 VoIP Telephone Adaptor/Router (RRP$199) connects both to a broadband modem and a regular PSTN line giving the user a choice of either VoIP or regular PSTN telephone services through the one phone.

A major advantage of this approach is that when the unit is connected to a standard telephone line and the user dials the 000 emergency number, the V300 will automatically route the call via the regular PSTN phone service ensuring the caller’s location can be pinpointed by emergency services.

“The availability of this ‘lifeline’ function through a landline telephone backup is a significant advance in VoIP telephony design,” explained David Stewart, Managing Director of NetComm. “This lifeline function even works when there is a blackout or the V300 loses power as the PSTN line is self-powered and ensures in the majority of cases the user will have a phone service available.”

“We believe this product will appeal to both residential and small business users who want the cost-effectiveness of VoIP calls, with the added flexibility to make and receive calls on the same phone for their VoIP or PSTN services – it really delivers the best of both worlds,” said David Stewart.

A 3-port LAN switch built into the V300 allows for the connection of three computers to Internet services through the router and via the modem. The router has QoS to help maintain VoIP call quality even when other PCs or other devices are using the same connection.

The unit also supports advanced call handling services such as Caller ID, Call On-Hold, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Transfer.

Users can set up and configure the NetComm V300 easily by following a Web-based setup guide and allows the user to install their choice of VoIP Service Provider (VSP). NetComm’s VoIP Service Partners are also working on pre-configured models of the V300 allowing users the simplicity of a plug and play VoIP solution.

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