Streaming behemoth Netflix has confirmed it won’t be a part of Apple’s forthcoming upgraded TV app – just a week shy of the iPhone manufacturer’s official announcement.

As per BloombergNetflix Chief Executive Officer, Reed Hastings, asserts consumers should “watch our content on our service”, affirming its “chosen not to integrate onto their service.”

Apple’s upgraded TV app is set to unveil on March 25, with a suite of original content from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, and partner programming including HBO.

apple tv 1024x609 Netflix Rejects New Apple TV App

Commentators previously questioned whether Neflix would use Apple’s revamped hub to sell subscriptions, similar to Amazon’s platform selling HBO and Showtime premium content plans.

Apple TV 4K iPhone X iPad 10 screen 06042018 inline.jpg.large  300x179 Netflix Rejects New Apple TV App

The news comes as global video streaming competition continues to heat up, with entrants from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, Stan, Disney+ and more.

Apple’s March 25 event will reportedly also launch a new magazine subscription service.

As previously reported, Netflix recently stopped permitting Apple users to subscribe via its App Store, thereby retaining the former 30% commission.

Apple has since ramped up its video programming efforts in the same time.

Speaking to Recode, Mr Hastings claims the streaming giant spends US$1.2 billion on technology annually, with $10 billion on video programming – i.e. primarily a video company powered by tech, not vice versa.Apple TV 4k screen 06042018 big.jpg.large  Netflix Rejects New Apple TV App

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