NETGEAR has unveiled a new range of products at the Sydney Homeshow, which it says enhances home entertainment, and offers savings on telecommunication costs.”NETGEAR has been a leading provider of networking products for Australian homes for 10 years. This latest range of products, appropriate for the SMB and SOHO markets, provide affordable technology solutions for the savvy home consumer,” said NETGEAR Marketing Manager, Kimberley Odewahn.
At the forefront of the NETGEAR showcase, was the new DG834GV Integrated ADSL2+ Modem and Wireless Router with Voice. Featuring high-speed 802.11g wireless capability, consumers can easily download large files, videoconference, and distribute and play high-quality movies, photos and MP3s. Through the ADSL phone line, users can share their broadband connection to the Internet with all wirelessly and wired networked computers around the home. The DG834GV transforms a broadband connection into a phone line, giving users the benefit of toll-free calls. The DG834GV Integrated Gateway combines six products in one, reducing the clutter of multiple networking devices and wires, and incorporating an SPI Double Firewall to ensure business-class security in the home.
Also on display was the EVA700 Digital Entertainer. The EVA700 enables consumers to stream digital videos, music and photos directly from the Internet or an external storage device, via a PC, to a television or stereo system — moving the digital experience from computers to high-quality televisions and audio systems.
The EVA700 further supports the convergence of IT and A/V systems to provide consumers with full access to their multimedia files over multiple platforms and is compliant with Intel Viiv 1.5, Intel’s latest home entertainment technology.
When combined with the optional Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter Kit (HDXB101), the EVA700 will stream high-quality audio-visual content at maximum streaming speeds across multiple rooms, enabling consumers to use the EVA700 from anywhere in the home, regardless of where the computer is located.
NETGEAR’s Skype WiFi Phone, also previewed today, is the world’s first Internet phone which can be used anywhere, anytime, without being tied to a computer, and delivers massive cost savings to users. The SPH101 Skype WiFi Phone offers the independence and flexibility of unlimited free domestic and international calls to other Skype users over a wireless network, and also enables consumers to call non-Skype phones for a low cost and zero monthly fee. The WiFi phone will work anywhere in the world a user has secured or open access to a WiFi network.
NETGEAR also displayed its XE104 Wall Plugged Ethernet Switch which supports the demands of the digital home by providing broadband Internet access without additional cabling. The XE104 transmits multiple video streams instantly and without interruption, transferring data at 85Mbps with encrypted security.
The Homeshow runs at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour from May 18 to May 21.

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